Monday, June 8, 2015

Home Solo

Tobin's getting more mobile - he saw his keys lying several feet away, and managed to scoot and roll until he got them (an accomplishment of which he was inordinately pleased). He's also starting to push up with his hands, looking around from his new vantage point, to see what he's been missing.

We've been trying to make the most of the time while Adam's gone, alternating adventure days with jammy days. Brooklyn was delighted to sit in a real chair at a real table to eat a cookie one morning, while Tobin just wondered how all of the people working at the bakery knew his name.

I grew and ate an entire jar of sprouts over the course of the week. I'm on {slightly} better terms with veggies than Adam is, and he's not terribly interested in eating raw baby plants. Oh well - all the more for me!

Tobin stayed up late most evenings, but I still managed a couple of projects (one secret, pics later). I got a little jar of chalkboard paint at Target for the round table that sits on our balcony, and had so much fun with it that I also painted the shelves on my two bookcases (among other things).

There was some relaxing done, too. A couple of books read, a few inches of knitting accomplished, and Tobin and I watched a movie one night - he was happy to stand in for Adam, leaning back on a pillow, looking up at me whenever something especially exciting happened, and snacking on his toes (since I wouldn't share my popcorn).

Brooklyn will be two in just a few more days (!!!) - I've been attempting to teach her how to respond when asked how old she is, and periodically she'll say "On my birthday I'll be two!" I think she'll be more excited about it when we turn her carseat around to face forward (I know I'll be happy to be able to adjust my seat a little further away from the steering wheel!)

Being solo is fun for about a week - after that, I run out of ideas and I'm just waiting for Adam to get back. I've officially hit that point, so I'm really glad that my Mum is coming today. We're planning to spend this week in Fayetteville, to break it up a little - fresh scenery, fresh adventures, and fresh people!

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