Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Chalk It Up to the Paint Fumes

I bought a little jar of chalkboard paint at Target the other day. Just a wee thing that I thought might be fun to cover a round table (that I didn't like, and therefore couldn't ruin) that I have on the back porch. I also got a set of permanent chalk pens, thinking I'd write something on the table to break up the expanse of black.

So I opened up a brown paper bag as a drop cloth and painted the table. It was fun. I'd forgotten how much I enjoy painting things. It was also fun puzzling out what to write, that was both appropriate and a good length. {I went with Tolkien: Still round the corner there may wait / a new road or a secret gate / and though I oft have passed them by / a day will come when I / shall take the hidden paths that run / west of the moon, east of the sun.}

There seemed to be quite a bit of paint left, so I painted one of the shelves on my pair of bookcases, one that had a few pencil marks on it. And I liked it so much that (over the course of several evenings) I pulled everything off of both of them and painted the top of every shelf. The effect was rather svelte, in my opinion.

And there was still paint left! I didn't want to write permanently on the shelves, but the chalk pens were so fun that I wanted to write on something else. So I got four wooden letters (L, O, V, and E) and painted them, then wrote out song lyrics across the whole set and hung them in our bedroom.

When I went into the kitchen to rinse my brush out, my eye fell on the square jar on the counter that holds dishwasher detergent packs, and the neat little panels the glass forms. So I painted in one of those, and doodled on it once it was dry.

Now I've only got a dab of it left, but I'm out of ideas - for now. But I think that it was definitely a worthwhile investment of $10, especially if you break it down into cost-per-hour-of-entertainment (which I do, as a knitter).

Beautiful dwelling is being willing to act on the occasional impulse, and adding to the beauty by embracing a creative moment.

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