Monday, June 22, 2015

Celebrate Good Times


Half a year! We got to celebrate Tobin's half-birthday (and my birthday) as an aside to Brooklyn's party on Saturday.

Until such a time as she's old enough to request friends, I'm inviting her grandparents and great-grandparents to share in our celebrations. She was brave and sweet, Tobin enjoyed being passed around (although, he was a little sad that he didn't get to share the hamburgers, cupcakes, or paper-tearing), and I think that everyone had a good time.

Brooklyn had her two-year wellness check last week. She's still below the lowest number on their charts for what they think a two year old should weigh, but she's doing fine on her own curve so they were content. I took that as a sign that we needed after-appointment cookies at Dempsey. Tobin is gaining on her, weight-wise - I'm curious to see what he's up to, at his appointment next week.

He's about ready for food. He watches us eat with a piercing and pitiful gaze, and has been chewing on anything he can get hold of with fresh vigour - it's about time for teeth, and I think he's anxious to use them.

It's so fun to watch their individual personalities develop! They're already really different, in their own adorable ways. This year is flying by - soon I'll need to start planning for Tobin's birthday...

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