Monday, May 25, 2015

There and Back Again

'Twas a big week for Littles, since we spent most of it in Fayetteville and managed to see all grandparents and great-grandparents over a 7 day period.

Brooklyn did very well (considering her already evident introversion), warming up to people, talking, reading books, and requesting kisses and hugs. And Tobin soaked up the attention, laughing and giggling and making adorable faces. It's interesting how different they already are - Brooklyn is a quiet wallflower, and Tobin adores crowds and interaction.

I discovered the hard way (by going out with a friend and leaving Tobin in the attentive care of his grandparents for a couple of hours) that, with this one, there's no replacement for Mommy and prolonged (in his perception) separation is cause for upsetness, cured only by being reunited.

But he's sufficiently easy-going that, for the most part, he can join me. On Sunday our church had a "packing party," assembling meals to distribute to a couple of food pantries and a shelter. There were people filling bags, weighing them, sealing them, and boxing them up. It was riotous (in a good way), and we packed more than 50000 over the course of the morning. Tobin slept sweetly in the Boba while I packed boxes and Adam oversaw the transfer of filled bags to the nearest weighing/sealing station.

We had an enjoyable visit, seeing people, exploring Fayetteville, introducing Brooklyn to the delight of eating a freshly-picked strawberry... but it's good to be home.

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