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This week's gifts...
1552. Brooklyn and Tobin's naps overlapping so I could sit on the balcony and just Be Still
1553. Lots of letter writing
1554. Watching Fringe with Adam and Tobin, after Brooklyn went to bed
1555. Being near a bank mid-errand, since they locked my card again (it was actually me this time) and we needed groceries
1556. Successful completion of all errands in record time
1557. Figuring out where I was on a knitting project I'd set aside over a year ago and didn't have clear notes on
1558. Being able to do Walk for the Waiting all-four-together, even though Adam had to go to work right after
1559. A peaceable day at home with Brooklyn and Tobin (since we all got up early)
1560. Sitting and knitting at PF Chang's while waiting for a gift-carded takeout order
1561. Adam back from cleaning up a recruiting event in time for us to go to church all-four-together
1562. Frappuccino happy-hour at Starbucks - drinks for both of us for the price of one!
1563. Going for a walk downtown and discovering an art garden by the river 
1564. Seeing three different turtles on our walk (one that folded up completely, so Brooklyn got to hold it, and one that was friendly and curious, and came to look at us)
1565. A brief nap
1566. Listening to an audio book with Brooklyn - she was surprisingly interested
1567. Blowing bubbles on the balcony 
1568. A cloudy not-too-hot day so I could air out the bedrooms
1569. Taking turns holding Brooklyn, and ultimately convincing her to sleep in her crib 
1570. Waking up feeling better than yesterday (sick mamas aren't the most patient of nurses...)
1571. Brooklyn taking an hour long nap with me on the couch 
1572. Getting a much-needed boost of energy and calm at 4pm, when I was pretty much done for the day 
1573. Grocery shopping for next week accomplished, before the storms started
1574. Sitting on the balcony with Tobin while Brooklyn took a long nap, writing and enjoying the breeze

1575. A grace-filled online community

I have always been a Seeker of Adventure. Walking my path with a journey mindset, I approach the bends with a sense of wonder for whatever may be around it.

Or, I used to. It seems like there started being more dragons than fairy gardens waiting to surprise me, and I began to walk more slowly and less excitedly, nursing my burns. I kept going, but with a furtive caution that gradually grew cynical, fancying danger in the shadow of every beautiful thing.

But then I began to encounter others on my formerly lonely trek. Others who tended beautiful gardens and invited me in, others who had faced the dragons and learned to find the beauty even in their razor-scales.

My journey is still slow (or, at least, it feels that way). But I have something new to look forward to as I approach each curve in the path: the joy of new friends that I may meet along the way, traveling companions from whom to derive mutual encouragement, hugs (virtual or in-person) for the hard days and celebration for the good ones, fresh eyes and renewed hearts that can see the good and the gifts when I'm bogged down by the belief that everything is bad.

Mixing One Thousand Gifts with Five Minute Friday - every week a flashmob of bloggers, internet wide, gathers to write for five minutes (no stopping, no editing) on a prompt provided by sweet Kate, then link up and share a little comment love. For more info, more posts, and/or to join in, head here!


BusyB said…
Thank-you for visiting me. I love your list of the everyday joys you encounter. "A journey mindset" makes me pause to think. Is it feeling like all the snippets of your life add together into a journey of discovery? I just wonder how that phrase translates to you. Nice to meet you.
Gayl Wright said…
Enjoyed reading your list of everyday gifts! What a blessing! It is also nice to have the #fmf online community, isn't it?
Tiffany Parry said…
Loved this post, Sarah - finding gratitude in those everyday gifts. It's amazing how God works on our behalf! And the gift of mutual encouragement and friendship found in unexpected places is certainly something to be grateful for. Happy to be stopping by from FMF today - it's wonderful to "meet" you. :)
Tara Ulrich said…
I love how you tied 1000 gifts and FMF together. I recently downloaded the app onto my phone and am now reading the book. And #1575 is one of my faves on your list this week.

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