Monday, May 18, 2015

Little Critters

Such a big boy! He's getting better and better at grabbing things and putting them in his mouth - and he can hang on pretty tightly (I've had to pry Brooklyn's hair out of his grip several times).

He also grabs his own shirt in an attempt to move in the desired direction. It doesn't work, but he's starting to be able to roll and squirm his way around, taking a butterfly route to whatever-he's-after. I tried laying a blanket down for his Evening Rotations, but he ended up orbiting it instead of laying on it.

According to the {admittedly inaccurate} Step on the Scale Alone then Step on with Tobin and Subtract Method, he weighs about 15 pounds. He may pass Brooklyn! (Which might be just as well - she desperately wants to carry him, and I'd really prefer that she not.)

I got on a redecorating/organizing kick last week, and one thing I did was cover a couple of diaper cases with some cute (hedgehogs and foxes!) Duck tape to make bins for Tobin's room. We have a dear little heart cut-out side table that didn't really have an application in our home, so I made it into a dresser of sorts for his toys and blankets.

We three went for a walk downtown one day last week, and also had a mid-week zoo adventure all-four-together. It was a cool day so the animals were fairly active, and we managed to stay ahead of the school field trip, so it ended up being a lovely outing.

Brooklyn loves being able to participate and work in things. She's very aloof (unlike Tobin, who thrives on being the center of attention) and prefers to do her own thing, quietly investigating at her own pace, then sharing her discoveries (and seeing if she can convince us to fill our pockets with rocks and leaves and twigs and flowers and...)

We managed to get at least one good picture of the four of us together (making that the first of its kind - we never even managed to get one of the three of us, before Tobin was born) at church on Sunday, after Tobin's dedication. Adam's parents and grandma, and my Mum, came for the day, which was nice. And then we came back with Mum, to spend the week in Fayetteville - we haven't been since February, and Adam's super-busy with work. We've got a lot of shenanigans planned for our few days here - I'm sure it will be grand!

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