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Last week's gifts...
1576. A stay-home recovery day
1577. Encouraging, unexpected, handwritten mail
1578. A book to read while snuggling Tobin to sleep
1579. Dempsey Bakery having apple fritters - I hadn't had one since last summer
1580. Adam being able to pack up his event day-of, instead of having to come back the next morning
1581. A gloriously stormy night - perfect sleeping weather!
1582. A sympathetic mama to sit in the the lobby with, while both our Small Persons made more noise than is considered appropriate for a church service
1583. The sit-down Sonic, and Brooklyn's excitement over a cup of ice water
1584. A Voxer book talk
1585. Rearranging furniture and moving pictures, and Adam not minding
1586. Ideas and the time/energy/money to see them through
1587. Reading a Psalm with Brooklyn over breakfast, and her paying some degree of attention 
1589. A random mid-week zoo trip, all-four-together
1590. The cheetah being talkative
1591. Upcycling a bunch of empty boxes into cute, useable storage bins
1592. Having enough in my Paypal for a She Reads Truth study kit, and the accompanying print perfectly filling a blank my rearranging had created
1593. Brooklyn waking up happy (she's been rather fragile the past week or so)
1594. Tobin's adorable attempts to propel himself using sonar 
1595. A drawer of too-big clothes, for when Brooklyn has unexpected growth spurts 
1596. Walking downtown with Brooklyn and Tobin, and not getting rained on
1597. Simultaneous long naps for both of them

I was planning to write this post last night. And then our internet went out (firmware updates) 15 minutes before the prompt went out, and didn't come back online until this afternoon, at which point I was in the thick of laundry and attempting to convince Brooklyn that Tobin probably didn't want to read The Cat in the Hat and consoling him when she disregarded me and "gave" (threw it lovingly at) him, through the haze of an exceptional headache.

Now that everyone's in bed, and I have a cup of tea and Chris Tomlin's song "I Will Follow" on repeat, and I found a pretty picture of me writing in an attempt to conjure some inspiration, nothing's really coming. I was hoping for something about following trends or something, but really I'm just ready for bed.

That's how it goes these days - I used to wake up with Plans and Ideas, or at least a sense of adventure. Now I feel like I'm always five steps behind, never catching up, from the time I wake up until I collapse into bed at night. Someone posted recently about getting up before their kids - I usually reject that, because mine don't get up at a consistent time and because it's usually late before Tobin falls asleep and I'd like to have a little time with Adam after, but I'm beginning to wonder if it might not be worth it to try.

To spend a little time reading and praying, maybe journaling. To start my day with a shower, to feel fresh and awake, instead of being wrenched awake by a crying baby (or toddler - I suggested that she call for me, instead, but the idea hasn't gone over yet) and then trying to fit one in in the evening, when Tobin is fussy and wants to nurse at 15 minute intervals. To possibly even knit a few stitches until someone needs me. To take what little control I can over the time I've been given, instead of blindly and hurriedly following my nose, like the white rabbit who was always late. Every second is a gift, after all - but it's hard to appreciate when I'm tripping over each one, stumbling on to the next one in line.

Blending One Thousand Gifts with Five Minute Friday - each week, a flashmob of bloggers internet-wide gather to write for five minutes (no stopping, no editing) on a prompt provided by sweet Kate, then link up and share a little comment love. For more info, more posts, and/or to join in, head here!


Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing! Loved your post!

XX Lyndse
Melinda Hollis said…
Oh, I like how you blended the 1000 gifts with Five Minute Friday. That's really a really neat idea.

(visiting from FMF)
Tara Ulrich said…
I immediately thought of that Chris Tomlin song when I saw the word prompt too. Again I'm loving how you are combining the 1000 gifts and FMF.

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