Monday, May 11, 2015


Baby giggles are the best - you can't help but laugh with them. And even their concern and frustration are cute.

Tobin's in the process of learning how to roll over. He can roll, but it's usually an accidental byproduct of attempting to grab both of his feet at once - he's such a roly-poly that when he curls up, he turns into a ball and rolls accidentally. He finds it very exciting and slightly magical every time it happens.

His squirming and tumbling makes Brooklyn very nervous. He makes lots of little noises that she translates as distress, and she wants to help but isn't sure how. Usually she just settles for a hug - she's all about hugs lately, offering and requesting them at random.

On Sunday, we 'ventured to the sit-down Sonic downtown - Brooklyn was highly intrigued by the concept of ordering by telephone, and ecstatic about her cup of water with tiny ice and tater tots (with ketchup - everything needs ketchup now, since Adam put some on her meatloaf).

They're both getting over a sniffle - Brooklyn had it first, and despite the enforcement of a noses-must-be-wiped-before-kisses-can-be-given rule (which was about the extent of what I could do) Tobin caught it a few days later. I never cease to be amazed by the patience of small children when they're not feeling well - Tobin remained all giggles, even with his stuffed-up nose, and Brooklyn just wanted to be held. Every time she sneezed, she'd say "Nose?" in a sad tone, and come to have it wiped.

Adam and I have escaped thus far - I'm going to attribute that to prayer and diligent hand washing. Our counters are awkwardly deep, but Brooklyn loves to stand on a chair and wash her hands with me, even though she can barely reach the water.

We've got a rainy week ahead, but that'll make preparing and packing for a trip to Fayetteville next week easier. Hopefully everyone will completely well - then the only thing we'll be spreading is smiles!

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