Monday, May 4, 2015


Chunky monkey gnawing on his fists while impatiently waiting for me to be finished taking pictures. He's getting better at putting things in his mouth - so I've been having to watch both him and Brooklyn more closely, because she tends to share choking hazards (for example, a petrified piece of a noodle that she found who-knows-where... I promise I just vacuumed...)

She tries so hard to include him in whatever she's doing... she's been walking around with a little laundry basket on her head, and trying to put it on my head, and the other day I heard her say "Tobin hat!" and looked up to see him caged inside it. She's also been carrying around a Cabbage Patch doll and reading it books, giving it pats, and sitting it in Tobin's various seats and offering it his toys. It's adorable to watch her caricatured imitations of what she sees me doing.

Very little that didn't directly relate to one or both of them got done this week - we were stuck inside the first few days because of cold and rain, and then recovering from it for the rest of the week. I did manage to get a couple of letters written by bringing them onto the balcony with me - Tobin watched the mockingbirds getting sassy in the big tree that's right behind us, and Brooklyn walked in and out with books.

We did Walk for the Waiting on Saturday, joining the team from our church. It was nice actually knowing quite a few people this time (we had just moved to Little Rock last year, and only saw one person that we recognized). Tobin peered alertly over the edge of the Boba for the first little while and then fell asleep, and Brooklyn actually walked for part of it before agreeing to be carried. She laughed at the people stationed at intervals to cheer and encourage, and said they were "silly sauce," which is what we say when she's being silly.

We bade farewell to a too-short weekend with a walk all-four-together downtown by the river, and happened onto a sculpture garden that we didn't know existed. I scouted some good locations for shooting a couple of designs I'm currently working on, and that reignited my excitement about them. We also found a 5-and-under splash pad that I'm sure will delight Brooklyn in a month or so when it gets good and hot. It's so fun to explore our home, and discover new things!

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