Thursday, April 16, 2015

Unlucky but Loved

The weekly reckoning...
1489. Surviving the day - sometimes I just need a sleep-reset, and sometimes I have to keep going without one 
1490. Tobin enjoying tummy time on the Boppy
1491. A stormy night - perfect sleeping weather
1492. Tobin sleeping for 10 hours straight
1493. Mum coming for a visit 
1494. Fresh raspberries, and getting all of the grocery shopping done in one day
1495. A flock of cedar waxwings in the Target parking lot 
1496. Questing a food truck, then eating our lunch at a random park
1497. Mum staying to help Brooklyn with her dinner so that I could also eat
1498. Hanging out on the balcony with Brooklyn while the muffins for breakfast baked
1499. The answer to a question
1500. That Tobin seems to have begun sleeping through the night 
1501. An overcast morning, so we could prop the back door open and go in and out
1502. Whoever donated a bunch of wipes to church - we needed some
1503. That Tobin is starting to be able to hold onto things - he was fairly content with a set of chewie keys during my meeting
1504. Everyone sleeping in until 9:30 (!!!)
1505. Nothing frying when Brooklyn knocked over a mug of tea on my desk
1506. Leaving the back door propped open all day - glorious!
1507. An unexpected art print from (in)courage, and a highly anticipated package from Fair Trade Friday
1508. Two days in a row with the door open - the overhang is deep enough that it was still possible, even though it rained
1509. Extraordinary clouds on a brilliant blue backdrop after the rain

On the days that I struggle to think of three things to write down that don't include the word "only" (Brooklyn only lost her freedom three times today)...

on the days that I can't, so I skip it and go back later...

on the days that I feel utterly unlucky...

I'm grateful that fate is not the ruler of my days - that God is. That all things are working together toward a better end, even if I can't see the end of the tunnel and it just seems to be getting darker instead of lighter. And that even in the middle of my mess, I am loved by Love Himself.

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