Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Little Things

Last week I talked about why I need to practice pauses - this week, things that add a touch of joy, and are pauses in themselves.

I heard the term "hangry" for the first time recently. In case you don't know what it means (although, I'm probably the only one...) it's when your hunger impairs your judgement and causes you to become easily irritated.

Sometimes, my soul gets hangry. All of the Have-Tos gather into a rambunctious mob that overwhelms the Want-Tos and then I end up sobbing on the couch after both kiddos are in bed in a terrible state of Everything Is Awful and I'm Not Okay, when all I really need is a shower.

I heard the Nester on a podcast the other day, talking about how the things we use every day should be beautiful. That we shouldn't just deal with the ugly bottles and boxes that things come in, or resign ourselves to something that is simply utilitarian but in no way lovely.

Surrounding yourself with beautiful things is excellent soul-food - little reminders that life is beautiful and that even if you're in the middle of a tossing sea, there are still stars above you, twinkling hopefully.

Finding things that remind me of beauty not only lifts my spirits, it also helps me to see the hidden beauty in the ordinarily mundane. It tunes me to a "beautiful frequency" and alters the wavelength by which I view the world around me - causing me to delight in a ladybug, or stop to marvel at the artistry of a spider's web, when I might otherwise have passed it by.

One "little thing" that I succumbed to while waiting in the check-out line at Whole Foods a few weeks ago was the premier issue of Thoughtfully magazine. It's a lovely little publication, with pretty pictures and engaging articles and a beet lip stain recipe that I want to try - but the most exciting part was a bedtime yoga routine. Six simple poses that take about 15 minutes to do properly - it's the final pause in my day and the time I spend doing it is far less than what it deducts from the time it takes me to fall asleep (and the benefit I've derived from it has already outweighed the cost of the magazine).

I dream of someday spending a day (or two) alone in a cabin somewhere, reveling in glorious solitude - but until then, I'll slake my thirst with the small and beautiful. Hyacinths to feed the soul...

What "little things" bring you joy?

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