Thursday, April 2, 2015


The weekly reckoning...
1447. The rain letting up so we could run errands
1448. Adam home over lunch, so I could actually eat lunch while he held Tobin 
1449. A long conversation with Mum
1450. All taking a three hour nap together
1451. Parking in the sun at Sonic, since it was too cold to really do anything outside - it was so nice and warm!
1452. Remembering to read the chapter for Monday evening's meeting before Monday afternoon
1453. Seashells from a coastal friend
1454. Time to wind down and journal a little before bed
1455. Tobin sleeping through the night, and going back to bed for a little while so it was just me and Brooklyn for breakfast
1456. Brooklyn enthusiastically "shake shake!"ing a palm branch at church
1457. Starting our week with a 5+ mile walk, all together as a family
1458. Not only finishing the second chair cover, but also the two quilt blocks I had gotten from church that morning
1459. A walk at the park - and Brooklyn dropping her cup into the water at one of the few retrievable points
1460. A letter from a friend being the only thing in the mailbox 
1461. Tobin chilling in the stroller for part of the Gathering - it sure made taking notes easier!
1462. The bank noticing some suspect charges and putting a hold on my card - as frustrating as that's been in the past, this time it really wasn't me
1463. The last copy of Finding Spiritual Whitespace, waiting for me at the bookstore
1464. Asking Brooklyn if she wanted to practice peace, and her being excited about it - it helped all of us
1465. The storm holding off while we went to the park
1466. A new postman who actually brings packages to the door, instead of just leaving a pick up slip in the box
1467. Brooklyn delightedly noticing and pointing out a helicopter as it flew over 

I cannot express how grateful I am for the warmer weather we've been having. I myself don't mind sitting indoors, with a cup of tea and a book and my knitting... however, when Brooklyn repeatedly loses her freedom for trying to boop Tobin's nose with a stuffed fish while he's napping, for lack of anything better to do, the outdoors begin to have a stronger appeal.

So we've walked at the park and on a nearby trail, and we've swung (well, Brooklyn has), and we've waded in creeks (that would be me, retrieving a dropped sippy cup). and we've all hung out on the balcony, enjoying the sunshine and the breeze and pointing out birds and cars and dogs and helicopters.

It's glorious to be able to just walk outside, without first layering everyone up in socks and onesies and pants and shirts and jackets and blankets, and still ending up with a leg or tummy bared to icy wind by the time we reach the car (and then waiting while said car warms up - he's a good boy and warms up quickly, but the heat still isn't quite as instant as the cool air produced by the a/c).

The warm sun will get too hot soon, and the cool breeze will cease to be refreshing - but until then, we're spending every minute we can out of doors, reveling in the promised seasons!

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