Monday, April 6, 2015

Little Critters

I had to go back and see how many weeks were on last week's picture when I was doing this one's - fifteen didn't seem right!

His little/big personality continues to grow and evolve - he's getting a little more motor control, so he can respond to his environment in adorable ways.

He's also discovered the joy of rotating. It disturbs Brooklyn - she wants to help him, as he squirms and grunts and tries to move himself forward by pulling on his own shirt.

Brooklyn has been wanting to walk more. She's so sweet about it, though - she won't move unless you're holding her hand. If you let go, she freezes, arm extended, and says, "Hand? Hand!" until you offer a finger for her to hang onto. I've also been letting her climb the stairs to our apartment - slower than just carrying her, but she likes to count the steps and she has to learn somehow.

We took Tobin to the zoo for the first time this past weekend - he was unimpressed, but Brooklyn had a glorious time. While we were out, we also tracked down a paleo food truck that Adam had heard about on the radio (paleo = gluten free and dairy free!) and had a delicious lunch. Next time we're going to try their breakfast - the tacos were amazing, but I'm curious about their biscuits and gravy.

I love going on adventures with this bunch! Today was cool and damp, but the stars are starting to show - I think it will be sunnier for the rest of the week, and we'll be able to get out some more.

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