Monday, April 20, 2015

Art and Exploration

A week of exploration and conversation - Tobin has increased his amount of talking back when you talk to him, making sweet little noises in his throat and waving his hands excitedly.

He loves tummy time, and enjoys watching Brooklyn doing her thing. He desperately wants to join in - sometimes he attempts (by kicking vigorously) to get over to where she is, but he usually ends up going backwards, instead.

It must be hard to be surrounded by people who can move of their own volition, while you yourself are totally dependent on their whim as to when they'll help you move. Brooklyn has been exercising her ability to walk a lot of late, and is beginning to master stairs (she goes up them sideways, holding onto the railing and half-pulling herself up).

I got her an inexpensive set of paintbrushes and we've been "painting" the back porch with water in the afternoons. We're on the east side of the building, so after-nap the sun has moved to the other side of building but the pavement is warm enough that it dries quickly. We've been practicing numbers and letters (I paint, she identifies) and she's been perfecting her dots and stripes. By the end, it almost always devolves into just pouring water onto each other. I've been amazed at how freeing it is to paint something that will almost instantly disappear - not having to worry about messing something up or "wasting" paper actually produces better work, I'm finding.

It rained quite a bit last week, but we were able to go to the park a few times. Whenever we pass the swings, Brooklyn asks to stop and swing for awhile - it's a nice break for both of us, after she's been sitting in the stroller examining whatever bits of nature I've handed her to look at, and I've been pushing her up hill and down dale while wearing Tobin.

We're in the depths of a season of family dates, all-four-together, each of us attending to a little one and not spending much time looking into each other's eyes... of parking in the shade after a nap-inducing drive in order to Get Things Done... but it's such a delight to watch them growing and developing each into their own unique person.

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