Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Seek and You Shall Find

I've been looking at rest and Sabbath on Tuesdays - last week I told you about my concepts and misconceptions about Sabbath. Today I'd like to encourage you to seek it, even if it doesn't look like you think it will.

Kaitlyn Bouchillon wrote an excellent post recently about choosing a day of rest - making the effort necessary to clear your schedule and set aside a day as sacred.

Our lives are so filled with Busyness and Stuff, that Sabbath is something that we have to put on our calendars - at least at first, until it becomes a habit, becomes something that we seek and desire and long for.

Personally, I don't have a whole lot control over my schedule - things just happen when they have to happen. My days are a series of feedings and snacks and diaper changes, reciting picture books and doing unexpected loads of laundry, tidying and taking care of others' needs and realizing entirely too late in the day that I haven't even glanced at one of the verses posted on my bulletin board, much less opened up an actual Bible.

In the midst of the chaos, I still make a list each week. All of the things that must be done, and a few things that I would like to do, on the unlined back of our grocery list. Beside each task I write a number, corresponding to a day of the week. And awhile ago, I started adding "Sabbath" to the list, but not assigning it a day. Then I prayed, and waited, and watched.

Sabbath doesn't always look how I think it will (I touched on that last week). I have to really be paying attention, because sometimes I get most of the way through a day before looking back and realizing that it should have been a day of rest but I trampled over it instead. Because when I put it on my list, God always offers it - but I have to open my eyes to see, my hands to receive it.

If we ask for the things that He wants to give us... if we seek His gifts... if we knock on the door of His sanctuary, longing for His presence --- then He is faithful to provide. He doesn't hide from us, and He doesn't taunt and tantalize us with things that we want but can't have. He is a merciful and loving Father, who knows what we need before we know ourselves - and He has promised to care for us.

Put Sabbath on your list this week - and seek Him, no matter how impossible it appears.

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