Monday, March 30, 2015

Out There

Tobin's most recent accomplishments include Being Adorable (although, that's pretty much his norm) and grabbing Brooklyn's hair when she hugged him (he was pumped - she was not).

He getting pretty steady at holding up his head, and trying very hard to sit upright, but he still needs a lot of help with that. He tries to hold his head up with his eyebrows - sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. 

Spring has sprung, and we've been able to go on more walks (all-four-together and just-us-three). I love these warm-in-the-sun cool-in-the-shade days, and want to make the most of them!

It's a nice way to spend time together that doesn't involve cleaning anything up afterwards and gets everyone a little fresh air and sunshine, and natural exploration (Brooklyn loves to carry leaves and pine cones and flowers).

Brooklyn is such a big little girl. She's repeating words back more clearly, she's still very enthusiastic about hats and bows and dresses, and she's beginning to recite some of her books. She had a glorious time waving a palm branch at church on Sunday - Adam would say "shake shake!" and she would shake it and laugh (the fact that other people were also waving palm branches added to her excitement).

Brooklyn and Tobin were having tea, but she just walked by with a toy fishbowl, so I'll wrap this up and make sure he doesn't get force-fed fish for dinner. Always an adventure with these two!

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