Monday, March 16, 2015

Our Spot in the Sun

Such a big little guy! While he still can't do much more than look on, he enjoys being a part of our adventures.

It poured rain most of the week, so the bulk of our adventures happened indoors. Brooklyn and I sorted all of her clothes (I've kept all of them) into Keep, Donate, and Stained (her part was mixing up the piles while my back was turned). Now I need to get the 4 brown paper bags of outgrown things to a fostering agency here in Little Rock, so that someone who really needs them can have them.

There's so much need here - but there are also quite a few organizations that want to help. Adam and I did Walk for the Waiting last year (Brooklyn snoozed in her stroller the whole time) and we're planning on walking again this May. It's so great to see how many people turn out to raise money and awareness, hoping to find a forever home for every kid.

We've been getting in a little practice by walking at the park (once the rain stopped and the sun came out). It's been pretty warm the past few days - I decided to walk to the grocery store from the park, rather than buckle everyone in only to have to get them back out 3 minutes later, but realized about two-thirds of the way across the barren, shadeless parking lot that it was a little warmer than I initially thought.

Brooklyn has been attempting to include Tobin when she plays - putting things in his hand, reciting Counting Kisses while kissing his toes/feet/knees/tummy/hands/nose/ears/head, booping his nose with a toy fish, offering him tea (she balanced the cup on his tummy)... for the most part, he just smiles at her.

She's especially fascinated by belly buttons at the moment. She usually wears onesies, but warmer weather means Tshirts sometimes, and she discovered that they allow belly button access. So now she also checks for mine at every opportunity.

Brooklyn's growing and maturing so much - she's also started cleaning up (I hand her her toys one by one with the instruction "put it back"), mostly with prompting but occasionally she'll put a book back on the shelf on her own.

Life with these two is definitely an adventure - books and toys and tea parties, hanging out inside and getting up to stuff outside. I think we should swing at the park today...

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