Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Off the Page and Into Practice

Practicing Pauses! Last week I discovered what "rests" me the most - this week, thinking beyond myself and finding peace through acts of kindness toward others.

As part of consuming less and creating/adding to the beauty more for Lent, I've been randomly trying to make people's mailboxes happier. Letters, notes, scarves, cookies, a print... mostly things I already had, or had a discount code for - it's surprising how little it can cost (in terms of both money and time) to brighten someone's day. And they can often also involve writing and tea drinking, two things that brighten my day! I was trying to do something every day or so, but Life hid around a corner and pounced me on my way by, completely overwhelming me for a few days - and then an act of thoughtfulness on the part of a long-distance friend reminded me that sharing what I love with others is an act of love in itself.

Rest is most restful, and pauses are most productive, when they're not completely focused on me. Reading and studying and journaling with the desire to draw closer to God... spending my time plotting things I can do for others instead of myself... even something as simple as choosing vulnerability and posting the grimy "before" along with the shiny "after" photo, or stopping to share a moment of beauty and encouragement, either in a public post or a private text. All of those happy thoughts and uplifting verses and quotes multiply when they're passed along to someone else instead of locked away in my own private journal.

That's one thing that I've loved so much about #fmfpartysnailmail - a few minutes choosing a card (I'm slowly working through my card stash...) and a few minutes praying and writing some words of encouragement is time well spent, and it's so exciting to receive notes back. Even though it can be initially awkward to write to someone you know nothing about, those provide especially great opportunities to attune your heart to the Spirit's prompting.

Kaitlyn has graciously and extraordinarily led and organized and made this snail mail project fabulous for 5 rounds - and now she's passing the torch to us: Jen, Rebekah, Andrea, Jessica, and myself. The form to sign up for Round 6 is here, and we're looking forward to working together to keep #fmfpartysnailmail the encouraging community that Kaitlyn made it!

Round 6 starts on April 6th - won't you join us for community in your mailbox?

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