Thursday, March 12, 2015

I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends

The weekly reckoning...
1382. Adam having two days of leave before working through the weekend
1383. and his superior cancelling one of those days, because it was snowy and everyone stayed home anyway
1384. Brooklyn's continuing interest in lunch
1385. The Museum of Discovery - we all needed to get out and do something together
1386. Going for a drive - we got some uninterrupted conversation, Tobin got a nap, and Brooklyn happily pointed out all the cars and everything yellow
1387. A date night in with PF Chang's carry out and a Redbox movie on the projector
1388. An encouraging reminder from She Reads Truth
1389. Surprise tea from Rebekah
1390. Tobin happily chilling with Adam while I had a Google Hangout meeting
1391. A little more sleep than I've had the past couple of nights
1392. Adam home safe and early from Drill (he started his day at 3am and was up late the night before)
1393. A discount code for a gift
1394. An early nap for all of us - I wouldn't have made it through the day otherwise
1395. Beverly holding an umbrella for us while I got Brooklyn out of the car
1396. New, comfortable, ethical jammy bottoms
1397. A not-cold not-rainy morning on which to get groceries
1398. Encouraging conversations by text
1399. Adam getting home with enough energy to talk for a little while, and to hold Tobin while I showered
1400. Sitting in the warm sun on the balcony
1401. Uplifting interactions with a distant friend
1402. Adam's mom coming by for a little while - she got to play with Brooklyn, and I got to make breakfast and clean the kitchen

My weekend was a little rough. Adam had Drill, and Tobin chose Thursday and Friday night to barely sleep (meaning I barely slept, with him), so I was neither physically nor emotionally prepared to face a weekend, a week, another weekend (because he has Drill this weekend, as well), and then part of the following week mostly solo.

But on Saturday, a wholly unexpected box arrived, containing a sweet note and a tin of amazing tea. We made it to church on Sunday, and Tobin slept through the service, allowing me to stay and listen the entire time. We went to The Gathering in the pouring rain on Monday evening and someone kindly shared her umbrella while I got Brooklyn and Tobin out of the car, and then one of the ladies in my small group held Tobin so I could write down my prayer request (we all write a request on a slip of paper, then mix them up and each pick one for the week). Tuesday a friend in Fayetteville texted, sparking a conversation that was equal parts light and serious. Yesterday, Adam's mom came by for a brief visit while she was in town on other business, and a now-distant friend inspired some creative thought that I've been sorely missing. And just now, I was re-encouraged by a snail mail note from over a month ago, as I reread it before sending a reply.

None of those things were very big in themselves - but the cumulative effect of those random acts of kindness, instances of intentionality and sometimes inconvenience, has resulted in an uplifted spirit despite the dreariness of the day, and confidence that this weekend won't be so bad, despite it being just-us-three.

"Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil. For if they fall, one will lift up his fellow." -Ecclesiastes 4:9-10a
We're not meant to walk alone - who can you lift up today?

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