Friday, March 6, 2015


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Our church's women's ministry has Monday night meetings that they call The Gathering. It's an appropriate handle - over a hundred ladies, circling around tables, splintered into small groups, discussing Forgotten God. Because of snow and ice that would melt over the weekend and then reaccumulate over the course of the day on Monday, we missed two weeks in a row, and I missed going.

I'm an introvert by nature, and I need time alone in order to process and decompress - but I also need time to be with creatives, and with like-minded believers. To gather together and encourage each other, to share ideas and inspiration, and to leave with a positive experience to ponder the next time I get a little solitude, turning it over in my mind and savoring the interactions.

We're a diverse crew - all on different points of the circle and mile-markers of the path, but that allows us to learn from each other and to see through another's eyes more clearly than if we were more similar. That's what I love about those Monday night meetings, and about Five Minute Friday: just enough in common to get along, and yet wildly varied as individuals.

And that's the glue that really holds any gathering together - harmonious diversity that adds depth and color to friendships and interactions, and that displays a love for one another that is only possible through the Spirit. We shine brightest as our lights reflect off of others - and so, we gather.


Tara Ulrich said...

Yes!! I'm an introvert too but enjoy my time to be creative as well.

Jessie Gunderson said...

Hey there FMF neighbor. Your women's gathering sounds wonderful. Funny too, coming from me, another introvert who used to say she didn't like people.

Those Chan books are crazy and so is our amazing God!

Happy writing.