Monday, March 9, 2015

Exploring, Together

Almost 3 months old... where does the time go? Tobin is starting to be more awake and aware on our adventures, instead of sleeping through them like he was at first...

For example, he wanted to be out of the Moby wrap and looking around when we went on a family outing on Friday to the Museum of Discovery. Adam and Brooklyn had a spectacular time exploring, and Tobin practiced his eyebrows while watching them. I think we'll be spending a lot more time there in the future - Brooklyn is getting to be a good age for it (they have an area especially for younger kids) and it will be a horizon-expanding place to go when home ceases to be inviting (which does happen, after being stuck there for awhile...)

We had a couple more snow days (actually snow, though, not just ice, so they were pretty - and it's all melted now) but I'm hoping that'll be the end of it for this season. I'm running out of ideas for doing things indoors - really, there are only so many receptacles to poke pompoms into (the latest is an empty 12pack soda carton - *in through the hand hold, dump them out the end, repeat ad nauseum from *) and there are only so many ways to read the same books (just reading, reading with commentary, spelling the words, pointing out colors, pointing out shapes, counting things...)

Brooklyn is beginning to memorize a few of the books, herself, and she can find the correct page for the day (when prompted) in her book on weather. She also points out every cow, shoe, cat, heart, elephant, dog, and car, no matter how minutely illustrated or blurrily consigned to the background. My Mum gave her a tiny Magnadoodle that she carries around like a reporter's note pad - she loves to make dots with the tip of the stylus, and to have me write words and letters so that she can scribble over them (her fine motor skills aren't quite up to tracing yet).

Tobin listens to all of the books, watches Brooklyn while she plays, and (usually) smiles when she kisses his head and gives him hugs. She's so concerned about him... she wants someone to be with him at all times (if she and Adam go somewhere, she asks "Mommy Tobin?" and the other night when Adam dropped us off at home and then finished out some errands with him, she asked "Daddy Tobin?" to confirm that he hadn't been abandoned) and if he's napping in his room, she goes to check on him periodically. It's sweet that they like each other - I hope it stays that way!

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