Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Cabin Fever

On one snowed-in day last week, I got on a productive tear. I finished up Tobin's room, and then after both Littles had gone to bed, I tackled my own closet. I threw away a few things that were tattered and stained (I keep wearing things for longer than I probably should...) and took out three pairs of shoes and a bag of like-new clothes to donate to a local homeless shelter, and a bag of scarves that I'm going to try to find new and appreciative homes for, and then took a thorough inventory of the items remaining and determined that with the acquisition of three new things I would be able to get the most possible use out of what I already had (the lime, orange, and purple tops are indented because they're wants, not "needs").

I put a few things together that I hadn't before, and had fun trying on everything in my closet to confirm that it fit the way I wanted it to (my favorite pair of mossy green pants were a no-go, thanks to post-pregnancy hip spread, but a pair of jeans that I'd always had to wear a belt with fit now, so it was an even exchange).

It made me a lot more excited about the few things I did purchase, knowing that I'll actually be able to get a lot of use out of them, and I even took a few hangers out of my closet (I have a rule that I can only have the amount of clothing that will fit on the hangers I already have).

With my legwarmers and Tobin's teddy bear finished, I've started a warm weather project with some grey and green linen. Just a row here and a row there, but I'm hoping to have it finished by the time I can actually photograph it and wear it. I'm going to use my whole ball of grey yarn and then do the green - I thrive on metaphors, and that seemed like an appropriate one of ashes to life.

Speaking of life... I had grown some sprouts last week, and finally got around to putting them on a sandwich before they went bad. I don't like dirt, and I am terrible at giving plants the right amount of water, but I still feel like it's important to eat things that are grown as close as possible to where you live, so you can get data about your environment to your immune (and other bodily) systems. Sprouts are about the only thing I can manage, and these were definitely a success - paired with a vegan cheese-like thing that I spotted at Ozark Natural Foods, they definitely added some zest to my grilled turkey sandwich.

Neatly refolding all of my Tshirts and crunching sprouts are little ways to remind myself that Winter won't last forever. I realize that here in the South we haven't had very much wintery weather, but for some reason, after Valentine's Day I start thinking about Spring. And then I'm surprised and confused when it snows in March (like it does almost every year...)

Not that being stuck inside is all bad - it's pretty nice to snuggle up under a blanket with a cup of tea, to have deep discussions with my Bear through the long, dark evenings... but I'm ready to take my journaling onto the balcony and our conversations to the park for an evening walk.

What do you do when you're snowed in (especially once it stops being fun)?

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