Monday, March 2, 2015

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Tobin has been practicing his smile a lot this past week, and occasionally chuckling in an adorable way. Sometimes it's a little hard to tell the different between a laugh and a fuss, but the laughs are becoming more frequent than the fussies (although, there are certainly still some fussy moments).

With all of the cold and ick, I was able to pretty much get his room together. There are still a few empty cork tiles, but at least they're up so it will be easy to add things as I find them.

I also finished his teddy bear! Brooklyn has one, also - I'd like to make one for each kid we have. I wasn't able to find three colors of washable yarn in the same weight that would work, but I did find a self-striping one that had 5 different colors, three of which worked. So I cut the yarn and changed colors manually, and I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. He's too little for it yet, but Brooklyn keeps getting it out of his toybox and kissing it.

She's such an adorable little person... She's started repeating new words back to us much more clearly (except for "pompoms" - she says "kickups" instead), and actually asked for lunch the other day. I don't know why, but she would much prefer to eat snacks. It took months to convince her that breakfast was a good thing, after I'd gotten her to start eating dinner, and I had settled for breakfast-snack-snack-dinner, so this was a pleasant surprise.

We've both gotten pretty stir-crazy. A friend at church suggested pompoms, so we ventured out one morning before it started snowing again to get some. They've been a big hit - she pokes them into jars and bottles, carries them around in a tiny toy teacup, drops them down the front of her onesie, and brings them to me to blow off the palm of my hand.

As Tobin gets more aware, it's getting harder to do things, but I did manage to send out Monthly Update Letters (a week late, but still) last week. I can't write with him in my lap anymore - my notes from a recent book study meeting are full of randomly placed flourishes from where he kicked my arm as I wrote. :)

And he does want to be held. He doesn't mind napping alone, but if you put him down while he's awake, you'll be met with extreme indignation. That comes with certain hazards (like him accidentally getting bopped on the head with a board book, or Brooklyn trying to feed him pompoms) but he still prefers to be in on the action.

There's more snow predicted for this week, but it looks like highs in the 60s next week - Spring is coming, with walks at the park and arbitrary adventures, and I can't wait!

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