Thursday, March 5, 2015


Two weeks' worth...
1339. Writing a post from a handwritten journal entry 
1340. Reorganizing, long overdue 
1341. Gf/DF break and bake cookies that are good enough to share with neighbors
1342. Happy packages in the mail
1343. Thoroughly inventorying my closet, and reducing my list of needed items to three (for maximum usability of what I already have)
1344. The luxury of taking a couple of bags of clothes and shoes to a homeless shelter, yet still having a closet full at my own home
1345. A slightly warmer (if rainy) day for adventures
1346. Needed shoes on clearance, and the first pair of jeans I tried on fitting (when you've got Littles with you, time is of the essence)
1347. Time spent Just Being Together
1348. Black tea, for the morning after an almost-sleepless night
1349. PF Chang's (gluten free!) lettuce wraps - they call them an appetizer, I call them a meal
1350. An hour of solitude in which to write and knit, and noticing the sleet before it made it dangerous to head home
1351. Beautiful thickly softly falling snow
1352. Adam getting safely to and from work (he knows how to drive in this stuff - most of the other people here do not, but try anyway)
1353. Having a spare bed so that Adam's brother could spend the night
1354. Sweet baby smiles
1355. Tobin taking a long afternoon nap so I could focus on Brooklyn, and then waking up after we'd finished dinner
1356. Adam coming home from his Forgotten God study excited about it 
1357. Tobin sleeping an 8 hour stretch
1358. Running errands in the snow, just-us-three, and not having any trouble
1359. The State going home early - an extra couple of hours with Adam!
1360. Pompoms
1361. A jammy day
1362. Pancake mix, since I didn't find out we were out of muffin mix until it was time to start breakfast
1363. The hour and a half in the afternoon during which no one cried and everyone napped
1364. Surviving, sanity intact, until Adam got home
1365. A little alone time in which to get a few letters written
1366. Brooklyn's adorable concern for Tobin
1367. Adam's sweet supportiveness after my morning got off to a bad start
1368. Last Sunday's sermon podcast - timely, encouraging, and convicting
1369. Finishing Tobin's teddy bear
1370. Brooklyn and Tobin's naps overlapping (if only for a little while)
1371. Getting back on track with Lenten journaling 
1372. Perfectly timed snail mailed encouragement
1373. A shower
1374. The Gathering! (We've missed the past two weeks because of snow)
1375. Brooklyn asking for, and eating, lunch
1376. Audio books
1377. Adam's brother getting to go to his men's group book study with him
1378. Tobin's chuckles
1379. Writing (it had been too long!)
1380. Adam getting home safely in the sleet (it took him over an hour...)
1381. A few rows of knitting, here and there

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