Monday, February 9, 2015

Up and Out

Tiny T (who is not so tiny anymore - his thighs keep getting chubbier, and he's been working on adding to his wrist rolls) has been an adorable 'venturing companion this past week.

He enjoys being propped on the couch and looking out the back door while Brooklyn and I have breakfast each morning, and making small comments about the sky, accompanied by vague hand motions.

I do have to keep her occupied while he's sitting, though, otherwise she determinedly climbs up to give him kisses. Yesterday morning she helped me make muffins - she stood on a chair and stole chocolate chips out of the measuring cup, and put the papers into the pan for me, then kept an eye on them in the oven until the timer went off.

She found one of my Beatles' albums in a drawer the other day, so I hauled out my old battered boombox and showed her how CDs work. She was fascinated, but more interested in looking at the tri-fold case and pointing at their costumes. "Pants! Shirt!"

Along with adding to her collection of teeth last week, I think she did some developing mentally, as well. She has a new obsession with lids, figured out how to get onto the kitchen chairs, and I've had to rescue her from the table top a few times.

Tobin just looks on calmly and wonders what all the fuss is about. I'm grateful that he's so chill - I don't know what I'd do if his temperament was more like Brooklyn's. They're so different from each other... and I love them both to bits!

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