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Speak Love

The weekly reckoning...
1297. Brooklyn insisting on kissing Tobin when he cries. "Tobin, kiss? Muah!"
1298. That he's consistently gaining almost half a pound a week - his newborn sized onesies are getting tight!
1299. Finishing a couple of Valentine's Day gifts
1300. Two #fmfpartysnailmail letters at once - a delightful surprise :)
1301. The online phoneography class that Adam got me from Photojojo - I'm learning lots of useful things!
1302. Making my quota for the day on the second legwarmer
1303. Nice people who saw my need and chose to get up out of their seats to help me with a door. since I had the stroller
1304. An unexpected note with a verse I needed to hear
1305. Talented and generous friends
1306. Making muffins for breakfast with Brooklyn
1307. Our downstairs neighbor carrying Tobin-in-the-carseat upstairs for me - I don't believe I could have gotten both of them at once
1308. A beautiful day for a walk and some errrands while we were at it
1309. Finding the perfect Valentine card for Adam
1310. Spontaneous corporate prayer (the day after I acknowledge my need for more of that)
1311. Brooklyn's desire to hold the spice lids while we're cooking (she's good to give them back when asked)
1312. Getting a few notes written while Brooklyn played and Tobin sat in the bouncy saucer
1313. Him taking a long nap (with me holding him, but I got a little bit of a nap too)
1314. Adam getting home right when Brooklyn woke up from her nap, since I was still trapped on the couch with Tobin
1315. Laundry caught up and everyone packed today for our trip tomorrow
1316. Accomplishing some want-tos in with the need-tos
1317. Tobin developing a consistent enough sleeping pattern for me to leave for a little while, to get some writing done

I've enjoyed (and been stretched by) the tally of gifts I've been keeping for the past 14 months... a thank-you note to God, of sorts. But an unexpected side effect has been that, with a general upswing in grateful thinking, I'm also more proactively grateful toward the people around me, for what they do and for who they are.

As a kid I was terrible at writing thank-you notes - and then as an adult (without my mother's gentle but firm reminders) I often forgot to write. But over the past year, I've had an increasing desire to sit down promptly and write a note. (Also, if I don't hop to it, I am liable to forget to write one simply because I'm distracted by two Small Persons, but that's its own thing.)

But a recent post by a friend got me thinking about all of the notes I never wrote - the people I never thanked - and the small gestures that mean so much, but so often slip by almost unnoticed. There's so much discouragement and criticism surrounding us (why is it that we're quicker to voice protest than praise?) imagine how much better a place our world would be if we noticed the sacrifices and gifts of those around us, and acknowledged them.

Love and gratitude are an excellent pair - because when we cultivate an attitude of gratitude, it's easier to love. When we focus on the sweetness, the annoyances become smaller and less significant by comparison. And when we're expressing thanks, we're also building up the ones we love - and that's an act of love that will last far longer than a box of chocolate!

Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear. ---Ephesians 4:29


Amber Gutshall said…
I love, love this. I need to try this exercise.

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