Monday, February 16, 2015

Sharing the Love

Almost two months! I had my postpartum check up last week, and the doctor was amazed at how big he is (given how small he was when he was born). He wore a rather snug newborn-sized onesie to Fayetteville, and we got him some new ones in the next size up (and they aren't any too loose).

Right, Fayetteville. We ventured out for Tobin's first road trip, and he did amazingly (slept the whole way, both ways). Brooklyn was delighted to visit grandmas and grandpas, and to take different things off of different shelves (her shelves at home get boring after awhile) and Tobin was obligingly awake for longish chunks, looking around and making that cute noise he makes after he sneezes.

Tobin didn't mind sleeping in the same room as Adam and me, and Brooklyn was very happy with my Mum's cooking. I gave her her breakfast this morning and she looked at it unenthusiastically, then asked, "Mimi pancakes?"

Since there are only about three restaurants in Little Rock that have menu items that are both gluten and dairy free, we elected to take advantage of being in Fayetteville and love the city/the Depot's amazing crepes. Local is always better, and since we had our date on Valentine's Day eve, we were able to have a leisurely meal in a quiet space that hadn't filled up with other diners. Adam had never been, except for coffee - I always took myself to lunch while we lived in Fayetteville, because it's not really his kind of food - but he ended up enjoying it (and Tobin slept peacefully through it, as is his wont).

Tobin also slept through a coffee outing with my Dad - Onyx Coffee Lab had been cryptically Instagramming about an overnight remodel all week, and we were curious. (The Gregg location - it looks fabulous, you should go!) We used to have a "coffee date" every week - now we try to go when I'm visiting. It doesn't always happen, but I'm glad it did this time.

Even though we were only in town for a few days, we still managed to see a few not-family people, which isn't something we usually have time for. But we went to church at UBC on Sunday and stayed late to chat, and I spent part of Saturday afternoon trying on bridesmaid dresses with a friend who was trying on wedding dresses. Playing dress up in fancy clothes is fun - and the more so when it's part of getting ready to celebrate two people's love for each other.

Besides missing all of the people and places that make Fayetteville somewhere I love, not having been since the beginning of December (and I drove myself that time - we hadn't all gone together since Thanksgiving) made me more thoroughly appreciate the time to talk and knit uninterrupted.

We had a lovely few days away, and made it back to Little Rock before the ice/sleet/snow hit. Today we're snowed (iced?) in, doing laundry and eating pancakes and enjoying an extra day all-four-together.

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