Monday, February 23, 2015

Ins and Outs

Tobin's accomplishments this week, besides his ongoing experimentation with facial expressions and lifting of the eyebrows, include increasing steadiness in holding his head up...

...and smiling adorably at random and unexpected moments (sometimes I think he even surprises himself).

It's been cold and mucky most of the week, so we've done a lot of staying in and staying warm - eating soup, drinking tea, and snuggling on the couch reading books.

Besides managing to keep everything tolerably tidy, I also did some reorganizing - now I have a much better idea of what my tea choices are, and our corkboard is arranged chronologically (which I like better than the last arrangement).

This week I'm planning on getting Tobin's room prettified. I've got all of the supplies and tools I'll need, and an idea of what I'm going to do - now all I need is the time to work on it.

We did get out in order to check out the new Whole Foods. All of west Little Rock also decided to go (in retrospect, going on opening day probably wasn't the best idea, but we were out of vegan butter) but with the new layout in a larger space, it was still navigable. Even though it's a little further away for us now, I'm glad for the update.

Everything thawed by the weekend, so we were able to have a few adventures all-four-together, questing groceries and clothes and adventure.

The sleet and snow have begun again and the highs this week are predicted to be what I prefer to see as lows, so it looks like more tea and snuggles are in our future.

How do you handle being snowed in with a toddler?

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