Monday, February 2, 2015

Go Forth

According to my (somewhat inaccurate) weighing method, Tobin is almost up to 9lbs! He still seems tiny, but I think that's probably because my only point of comparison is a toddler. Not that she's a very big toddler, but she's definitely bigger than him (for now).

The toddler is becoming more interested in him. Over the past few days especially, Brooklyn has been giving him lots of kisses, on top of his head or whatever is handy (usually an elbow or knee). She's also been needing more kisses herself, since the little overachiever decided to cut all four canines and a molar at the same time, to make up for not having had a new tooth in awhile.

Thankfully, Adam had a long weekend so she was able to get a little more attention than she would have with just me, divided between her and Tobin. She went on adventures with just Adam and just me, and had lots and lots of books read (distraction helps - at this point, naps and nights are the worst).

We took advantage of Adam having a non-holiday weekday off to do a little hometown tourism and visit the Clinton Center. They have a temporary Peanuts exhibit (through the beginning of April) that was lovely, and it was fascinating to get an in-depth perspective on presidency (all of his daily schedules are neatly filed in binders that you can page through... being the President looks like an exhausting job!)

Tobin is beginning to stay awake longer and take several-hour naps, and he's also embracing the concept of sleeping at night (he still wakes up 3-4 times to nurse, but at least he's not wanting to be quietly alert at 2am like he had been).

He's also pretty chill about being worn for walks and errands, or sleeping in the carseat during a Sunday service or at a restaurant. And Brooklyn enjoys observing the world from her stroller, or holding a finger and walking all-by-herself. We've been trying to go to the park at least once a week (weather permitting, and it has been) and I'm going to try to go to a women's ministry meeting tonight (they're working through Francis Chan's book Forgotten God) and let Brooklyn play in the nursery (which she deeply enjoys) and hope Tobin sleeps through it.

So much growth, so much change... This month we're going to attempt our first all-four-together roadtrip (to Fayetteville) - hopefully Brooklyn will have gotten past the worst part of this round of teething and Tobin will have thoroughly established his budding non-nocturnal habit by then!

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