Tuesday, February 3, 2015

{For the Love} of Writing

Y'all, I love February. It's short, it comes right before March (which is promisingly Spring-y), and right in the middle is Valentine's Day. I'm going to take this month's Tuesdays off from "pausing" and celebrate things I love, instead - so this week, writing.

There are so many ways to share love through writing... for one, poetry, original or copied. I found some pretty paper tape at a local paperie a few weeks ago and I've been making stationery with it (I always have envelopes left over from stationery sets - so I thought, why not make new notes to go with the nice envelopes?) with lines from Shakespeare's love sonnets.

Thinking about poetry and stationery, this is a perfect time to write a note to someone who may not be expecting it. Why do only children and couples exchange valentines? All of us could use a reminder that we are loved! Friends, coworkers, relatives near and far - anonymous or signed, a multi-page letter or a simple Post It note. I can better express my thoughts (and feelings) in writing than I can aloud... it gives me the time to think out how I'd like to say what I want to say without the awkward pauses and backtracking of an outloud declaration.

While typing can lack the inflection of verbal communication, the hand written overcomes that deficiency. Not only in the emotion that comes through in the weight of the lines and the slant of the letters, but in the construction of the letters themselves. I don't know if the artists who illuminated old manuscripts were more passionate about what they were writing or the process of writing itself, but the extraordinary work they produced must have been motivated by love.

I write to remember... to process... to share... to embellish... to inspire... lists and posts and notes and letters - for the love of a person, a topic, or the sheer love of writing itself. Why do you write (and if you don't, why don't you)?

While it's clicking and typing (rather than writing), I would be remiss if I didn't remind you of the Arkansas Children's Hospital's yearly request for valentines for their patients - it only takes a minute!

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Rebekah Ellis said...

As always, I love your images and your words. This is a lovely time for words and speaking love out into our world!