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Wonder and Wander

Four weeks - one day shy of being a whole month old! He's developed and grown so much - he's gained over two pounds (sorry I can't be more precise - stepping onto the scale with him, then stepping on without him and finding the difference isn't very precise), and we've not only loosened but also moved his carseat straps up a notch.

One delightful thing that's come of him gaining weight is that he's big enough to be worn safely. I ventured to our church's moms group on Friday, wearing him and letting Brooklyn walk (she also carried her own snack and diapers/wipes in a little backpack, and it was adorable). He loves being worn (she was not a fan) so we've also tried a walk at the park, the grocery store, and church in the Moby wrap. I got a Boba baby-wearing hoodie from Terra Tots on Plaid Friday that has been awesome - it has extra fabric to go over the carrier and a slot for Baby's head, so we both stay warm. It seems like less people wear babies here than did in Fayetteville... the preferred mode of conveyance appears to be the carseat.

I haven't done Mommy Fashion for awhile, and after watching a new mom shyly struggle to nurse in public for the first time, I feel like this one's needed. Nursing covers are a pain (and most babies don't like them), hiding in a public toilet stall is not my idea of fun (but pumping and toting bottles takes the ease and convenience out of being a food source), but I'd like to maintain some modesty in the process. As a side note: I'm not trying to avoid offending others - I think it's kind of a silly thing to be upset by - I'd just like to control how much of my body random strangers see. Moving on... So today's Mommy Fashion: dressing for baby-wearing and public nursing. The key to both is layers - a scoop-neck tank top that can be pulled down, a Tshirt that can be pulled up (I recommend dark colors, with patterns or screen printing to make spit-up incidents less noticeable), and a cardigan or button-up shirt (for side coverage, and also to pull across while you get situated before/after).

We've been enjoying the long weekend, especially with the sudden increase in temperature (a disadvantage to a winter baby is that you feel really, really bad trying to take them anywhere because it's literally freezing). There's been some staying at home, napping and playing and just being, as well as a little going-and-doing.

Brooklyn loves having Daddy home. She likes having two people to read to her, and getting to help on grocery outings by keeping hold of the list. We usually have to barricade her out of the kitchen whenever we do things that might hurt her (or us) if she was in there, but a few days ago I explained that I was going to open the oven door and it was going to be "ouch hot" (whereupon she started blowing, because that's what we do with hot things) too hot to blow on, and so I needed her to stand on the carpet outside the kitchen - and she quietly backed out of the kitchen and waited until I told her she could come back in. I bragged on her to Adam, and then she did it for him while he was emptying the dishwasher (she usually tries to carry off the spoons) and making her dinner last night.

It's wonderful to watch them grow and learn, to see the wonder of someone experiencing something for the first time. It's a good reminder, too, to keep my own sense of wonder alive - to never stagnate, but to always be open to new experiences and ready for new adventures.


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