Monday, January 5, 2015

Settling In

Tiny Tobin has continued his trend of being quietly adorable, lifting his head to look around with a steadiness I don't remember Brooklyn having at this age, and refusing to look directly into the camera for a picture (I guess someone told him that a 3/4 angle is the most flattering...)

We mostly stayed home last week (because I have no intention of getting both Brooklyn and Tobin down the stairs and out somewhere unless it's absolutely necessary), but Adam's parents came to visit us for a couple of days, which was nice. Brooklyn enjoyed the extra attention and interaction, and Tobin is a fan of anyone who will hold him while he sleeps.

This. This is why I'm not looking forward to going grocery shopping in the near future. Where am I going to put the groceries?

Since Adam has Drill next weekend, I approached this weekend with a ridiculously long list of things that needed to be done/acquired, so I'll hopefully be able to stay home for the next couple of weeks (I would still like to go to church next Sunday... we'll see). So we spent Saturday erranding all together, and Adam and Brooklyn erranded yesterday afternoon. Tobin was content in the car seat the whole time, except when he woke up needing fed and changed, but he was very polite about it.

One thing we did Saturday was to visit Bella Vita's new little retail location to pick up my T-for-Tobin bangle. I love the little metal-stamped tags, and had fun picking out a little turquoise charm for his birthstone. And now I know where her shop is, so I won't have to drive circles around downtown looking for it next time! (Is it a rule that city downtowns have arbitrary one-way streets mixed in with the other ones?)

With all of the going completed, I plan on spending the week snug at home, getting things done here. There's some fine-tuning that could happen in Tobin's room, I have a few letters to write (oh, oh, there's a new round of #fmfpartysnailmail starting this month!), I'm very much enjoying that She Reads Truth study, and I think the sudden decrease in temperature sounds like the perfect chance to deplete my tea supply a little (especially since it was expanded over Christmas).

I also have a hat to finish for Tobin (for the next time we do actually go somewhere). Even though the gauge is small, his head is so small that it's going quickly - and since one of the things we got over the weekend was a baby monitor (I always thought they were silly for apartment-dwellers, but he's so quiet we needed one) I've been able to knit in the evenings while he sleeps. Hopefully I can get back to my legwarmers soon!

Because my life is kind of dictated by two Small Persons with slightly unpredictable needs, I'm not setting any goals or writing any lists for awhile (I did sign up for #fmfpartysnailmail, but one note a week is reasonable - and I have a continuous quest to stay on top of thank-you notes, but visits and gifts have been spaced out so it's been manageable. Besides, writing feeds my soul so it's a normal, necessary part of life, not a goal or a task). I'm just taking each day as it comes, being happy when I get to knit or read a few pages in the latest Mary Jane's Farm magazine or make a batch of muffins for snacking on - and accepting the books on the floor and the laundry that's (still) in the dryer because Tobin has been in a snuggly mood all day and hasn't wanted to be put down. This point on the circle won't last forever - and I plan on enjoying every moment of it.

I'm sinking in deep to slow the tide of time, so I can appreciate every detail. Because no resolution for the future is worth sacrificing a present that will soon pass!

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