Monday, January 26, 2015

Just for Kicks

Tiny T is getting less tiny by the day. He's in the process of deciding whether or not he likes the playmat - as long as I face him so that he can watch Brooklyn play, he's pretty ok with it for a little while, at least. (The trick is getting Brooklyn not to try to mess with his feet or poke his tummy, since he's within easy reach.)

We all got out for a few adventures together last week - one day it was warm enough for us to walk at park in the afternoon, Brooklyn in the stroller and Tobin in the Moby wrap. Every single person that we encountered felt it necessary to comment that I had my hands full, but we had a grand time. Hopefully we can repeat our outing this week. He got a good nap, Brooklyn happily pointed out every dog we saw, and I feel like the fresh air was good for all of us.

When he's not sleeping, Tobin has been practicing his faces and making vague motions with his hands while studiously not looking at them. We had been keeping him swaddled, but he's beginning to prefer having his arms free to wave and his feet free to kick.

Brooklyn still can't quite manage the stairs (that's a milestone I'm looking forward to - it will make going places with both of them by myself much easier), but she did get to sit in a booster seat at lunch on Sunday instead of a high chair and did much better than I expected. I was envisioning repeated escape attempts, but she was so pleased to be sitting at the table with us like a Real Person that she sat nicely the entire time. I was impressed.

She's also discovered a new way to be fancy (in addition to dresses and scarves) - bows. My grandparents gave her a few for Christmas, and she finds them and brings them to me to put in. "Clip?" And she's remarkably patient about leaving them in for awhile - she checks every so often to make sure it's still there, but doesn't pull it out.

Since I finished the preemie bunny hat I was working on last week (you can't tell how small it is in the picture...) and Brooklyn has outgrown all of hers, I thought our walks and outings would be more enjoyable if she had her own bunny hat. She "helped" me measure her head, and I'm almost up to the ears on it, so I'm hoping to finish it in a few days (Adam has a long weekend, so I'd like for her to have it to wear).

Tobin's starting his week with a growth spurt (which means I'm starting mine on a little less sleep than I'd prefer), but we have a short week to get through, with the prediction of warm weather and the hope of outings and adventures, just-us-three and all-four-together.

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