Thursday, January 15, 2015

Done and Undone

This week's gifts...
1213. Adam recognizing that I was frazzled and shooing me out of the apartment when he got home from work
1214. Nothing catastrophic happening while I was gone
1215. Finding the perfect picture book for Adam for Valentine's Day
1216. Tobin waiting until after his laundry was dry to spit up all over the last clean blanket
1217. A solitary potato to mash with Brooklyn's dinner, while Adam was fighting traffic to get to the grocery store
1218. Dairyfree hot cocoa
1219. My Mum and grandparents coming for a visit
1220. Brooklyn practicing putting straws into a bottle with her left hand, because it was harder that way
1221. Adam taking first shift with Tobin
1222. Listening to last Sunday's podcast since I had missed most of the sermon (in lieu of going to church - I'm not brave enough to go without Adam yet)
1223. Brooklyn accepting an early nap, thereby enabling me to take one also
1224. Adam home by 6pm two nights in a row - unusual for a Drill weekend
1225. Tobin having both quietly alert periods during the day, instead of saving one of them for 2am
1226. Adam taking Brooklyn on an adventure to Whole Foods, between work and STEP
1227. Getting my to-do task for the week over with on Monday
1228. Tobin gaining enough weight to fit in the Boba carrier
1229. A late start to our day - that makes it shorter
1230. The amaryllis Mum gave me starting to bloom
1231. Four loads of laundry, washed and dried and put away, all on the same day
1232. Napping with Tobin
1233. An impromptu evening adventure out, all-four-together
1234. Tobin only waking up 4 times in the night

1235. Freedom to spend the morning sitting on the couch, holding a sleeping Tobin and reading books to Brooklyn, without guilt or worry about what I wasn't getting done

While "keeping everyone alive and reasonably happy" is a noble sounding quest, it doesn't produce much in the way of visible results (other than a lack of tear-stains, and no one smelling like poop or spit-up when Adam gets home). I memorized another board book today doesn't sound like much of an accomplishment when the floor is littered with toys and the sink is filled with dishes.

But he doesn't complain - after everyone's been hugged and kissed (and the groceries I asked him to pick up on his way home from work have been put away), he reads to Brooklyn, gets her dinner ready, picks up toys, holds Tobin, washes dishes, makes sure that I get a shower... whatever needs to be done, patiently and without sighing or asking what precisely it is that I do (or don't do) all day.

Sometimes the naps align and I manage to get something quantifiable accomplished - on Monday, I wrote 3 (three!) thank-you notes, and yesterday I did a few loads of laundry and made a batch of muffins. Not out of guilt or compulsion - simply because it needed to be done, and I was able to do it. So I'm also grateful for a sweet husband (and excellent daddy) who thanks me for what I do and doesn't complain about what I don't.

1236. Adam, all he is and all he does

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