Wednesday, December 24, 2014

That's Christmas to Me

Reading my devo for the day while waiting for Tobin to arrive - while it has more of a figurative meaning, the title still amused me, under the circumstances

After an intense and somewhat stressful year, Adam got the whole week of Christmas off work, and we were planning on spending it with family in Fayetteville. But at my monitoring appointment last Wednesday, they said that Monday's ultrasound showed that Tobin had stopped growing and they wanted to induce labor on Friday.

So one of our Christmas gifts arrived early Saturday morning, a little sooner than planned, but at the perfect time. Absolutely adorable and practically perfect in every way (and they checked every possible thing they could think of, looking for a medical reason for him being small - but he's a healthy little guy).

Some presents just come in tiny packages (that's Brooklyn's current onesie under his preemie sized one). He also brought another unexpected gift with him: the opportunity to all stay home together this week, instead of spending it in a frenzy of traveling and visiting and celebrating - all good things, but we didn't realize how much we needed the break until it was given to us.

We always traveled for Christmas when I was a kid (and it was always a long drive - between 6 and 18 hours, depending on where we lived at the time), and Adam and I have split the day between our parents since we got married. It's normal, and we dodn't mind or wish it was another way. But staying home this year is a refreshing change of pace.

And we've still gotten to see family - Adam's mom came to watch Brooklyn while I was at the hospital and they're both coming back for a visit next week, my brother-and-sister-in-law are coming Friday, and my parents came for a few hours today. They brought a stocking for Brooklyn from my grandparents (a part of their usual Christmas eve), and the grown-up version of new pajamas (did anyone else grow up with the new-jammies-for-Christmas tradition?): soft, warm flannel sheets.

My old teddy bear (which Brooklyn found and claimed) in a Santa hat that Adam's mom brought

I've got a Pentatonix Christmas playlist on repeat, and we're lighting the fifth candle of Advent tonight over dinner. We're plotting a jammy day tomorrow, with pumpkin spice pancakes and bacon for breakfast, listening to a radio theatre version of A Christmas Carol, and no plans beyond that. It may not be the start of a new tradition, but it's Christmas this year --- and a gift that I'm delighted to receive.

Often having our best-laid plans overridden by circumstances beyond our control leads to a better outcome than we were hoping for - if we're willing to let go of our plan and embrace the spontaneous.

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KnitNurd said...

Congratulations on your precious little gift!!