Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Growing Hope

Last year, I tried to grow sedum (twice. Once from seeds and once from an established plant) and managed to kill both of them (which is a feat, considering its hardy desert nature). The year before that, I forgot about my Forget-Me-Nots shortly after they sprouted. But the year before that, Mum gave me an amaryllis bulb which grew to a tremendous height and bloomed gloriously. She gave me another one this year - when I opened up the box, it already had a tentative shoot, so I'm hoping this one will flourish, as well (no thanks to my black thumb. "Water as necessary" is so vague - I do better with things that let me know when they're hungry).

Like Brooklyn. She goes in the kitchen and stands in front of her cabinet and says, "gack!" very emphatically when she feels like it's snack time. She's been spending a little extra time in the kitchen the past few days... I moved her shape magnets to the dishwasher (love that all of our appliances are magnetic!) and stuck a nativity on the fridge, and she can't leave it alone (this is why we don't have a tree). She likes the angel because it's blue, and she carried Mary around for half an hour yesterday morning saying, "Mama!" over and over - it was also funny to her that I said Mary rode on a donkey because they didn't have cars.

I'm not sure how much of it she understands at this point, but that's not stopping me from sharing our traditions and rituals and starting new ones. We've been doing Advent readings over breakfast - I got a lovely ebook from a blogger I found through Five Minute Friday/31 Days that we're going through, and put together my own wreath of light with a votive holder filled with rice and some tiny pretty handmade candles. She likes watching the candle burn - but she likes best the blowing it out after and watching the smoke curl up from the blackened wick.

This week's focus is new beginnings and the hope we have in God's promises (specifically, in providing a Savior, but really all of His promises tie back into that one). I got to share my favorite tale of hope and new beginnings with Fellowship North today - you'll find that here.

Like last year, we're approaching this holiday with a lot of uncertainty about the future - but I'm trying to wait with open hands and an expectant heart, sipping hope like cocoa and letting it warm me from the inside out.

Giving and gratitude both make waiting more endurable --- this Giving Tuesday, let's be grateful for the gifts we're given and find someone to help in a tangible way!

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