Monday, December 22, 2014


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Opportunities to practice patience and to prepare abound within our calendars - we're so time-bound that we keep close track of upcoming dates and events, from that appointment this afternoon to the 7-8 months of warning we have to buy baby clothes and put a nursery together to planning a reunion or anniversary party several years in advance.

But often we get caught up in getting ready instead of preparing. We cook, we clean, we invite, we decorate, we anticipate, we stress - but even though our homes are ready when the time comes, our hearts aren't. We miss out on the joy and end up just being relieved when it's over (or exhausted and utterly unprepared for the continued work involved in whatever our preparations were the gateway to).

I've loved doing Advent readings with Brooklyn each morning - there's been more hoping and more peace, as I've been actually preparing. And that (along with all of those monitoring appointments) has also helped me to prepare for Tobin in a better way than I was able to before Brooklyn was born - I've been able to spend more energy praying and pondering, and less trying to figure out how to assemble a crib.

This year, my heart is prepared, the waiting is over, peace and joy (and Tobin) have come, and in these final few days before a quiet Christmas at home with my family, the glow in my spirit is matching that of the fifth candle - the candle that invites us to adore.

In the last few days before the holiday, how can you prepare more and get ready less?

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