Friday, November 21, 2014


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Brooklyn notices everything. From tiny snippets of things on the floor (which she picks up and either puts in the trash or brings to one of us to put in the trash) to things on tables and shelves that I was certain were out of her reach (but weren't), she walks around with wide eyes that pick up on the minutest of details.

Besides watching her surroundings, she also watches us. If she finds an unattended hat or shoe, she tries to wear them (with varying levels of success). She tiptoes to try to put a key into the door knob. She climbs onto the couch to page through a book. If one of us laughs, she laughs, without having to know the reason. She knows that "hi" can have two meanings (a friendly greeting or a what-do-you-think-you're-doing query) and she uses it in both contexts. She points at things that she's not allowed to have and says, "no" (and then something gets them anyway).

She notices her surroundings, finding delight in the details, and also notices and imitates us. It's a lesson I should apply in my own life - keeping an eye on my Father, while also admiring the beautiful Creation He's placed me in.


Brenda said...

Oh to have the eyes of a chid and notice our world with the wonder they do. Love your post! Also love the way your blog homey and comfortable. Makes me want to stay awhile!

Summer Floyd said...

its amazing that our kids often teach us bigger lessons about God and our place in this world than most of the sermons or books we could read. They have a posture of wonder. If that flooded our hearts half of the time we would be the better for it.