Monday, November 24, 2014

Checking it Twice

It's a listy time of year - grocery lists, Christmas lists, packing lists, lists of things-to-be-thankful-for... even the list of lists is long.

But things are beginning to be checked off. My knitting class at church is over (and was a smash hit - there's another tentative class set for February) and that just leaves one at STEP next week, and a hat I'm making as a Christmas gift, before my knitting-related obligations are fulfilled.

I was able to get my Christmas cards from one of the ladies in the class - our church's prayer team has a card-making ministry, and they were selling sets of handmade Christmas cards to raise money for postage stamps. So that's locally made, loving-the-city, and they're all different which gives me the fun of deciding which card to give who.

I got out a box to start collecting Christmas gifts in, so that they'll be all in one place as I begin packaging them. Due to no preplanning on my part, I was able to find felted bowls that matched all of the clearance-colored washcloths I knitted over the summer, and all that's left for those is to label my little bottles of hand scrub. Then between Plaid Friday/Small Business Saturday this week and The Little Craft Show next week I'm hoping to have everything gotten or made by the first week in December, and hopefully wrapped shortly thereafter.

Brooklyn's new carseat is installed (hers is convertible - we'll use the rear-facing one with the handle for Sprout) and I made an experimental toy for her in light of all the traveling we have planned over the next monthish. I've seen "I Spy" toys before - filled with bits of plastic, interspersed with small objects to shake and find. I made my own version with a peanut butter jar (it wasn't originally shaped like that, but something strange happened while it was in the dishwasher...), a handful of tiny animals from the zoo gift shop, and some rice. You could put whatever you wanted to in it - and I left quite a bit of space at the top so it would shake easily, but you could leave less to make it more of a challenge for an older child. Adam thought it was wildly entertaining - hopefully Brooklyn will, too. Can you find the kangaroo in the last picture?

Twice-weekly check-ups are still going well (other than Sprout deciding to take a nap right when they got the monitor set up today). I am very much not a fan of early morning appointments, but I used the extra time I spent waiting this morning to write a note to leave in Adam's truck (since he stayed home with Brooklyn) and they were able to combine two visits so I only have one more this week.

Which is good - it means that tomorrow I can tackle pumpkin pies, a small load of laundry, and packing well-rested and with a clear head. Someday we'll probably be the ones hosting Thanksgiving - until then, I'm grateful that we have family to visit.

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