Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Priorities {7 for 31}

This month I'm writing a new post each day about my own version of Jen Hatmaker's 7 experiment. For more posts and an introduction, head hereToday's 7 topic is stress.

Something I've been learning this entire month is that I have time for what I make time for (yes, I know that lots of people have said something to that effect, but I can be a bit dense sometimes). So if I really want to be closer to God, to eliminate distractions, to live a visibly Christian life, and to experience consistent renewal... I'm going to have to make time for them, both by sacrificing the unnecessary things that eat my time in big bites and tiny nibbles, and by capturing in-between moments that I've been letting slip through the cracks of my day.

Do the priorities you live out align with the ones you talk about?

1 comment:

Kayla said...

Not always. I somehow find myself prioritizing Facebook more than I mean to. :) Thankfully, if Buddy gets a later-than-usual bedtime, I usually forego Facebook and read or write instead.