Thursday, October 16, 2014

Long... {7 for 31}

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I am grateful for a hard-working husband who makes it possible for me to stay home with Brooklyn... but sometimes, the days at home are long. We have our routine (breakfast, play at home or run errands, nap for her and lunch for me, play or go for a walk until dinner, dinner, bath, bed...) but the days run together in a sea of sameness, even with the occasional mixer-upper like going to the zoo or walking at a different park.

Sometimes I feel bad for feeling that way, but the absolute ecstasy that Brooklyn exhibited when my Mum came down to visit for a day makes me think that she gets just as bored with the sameness - that her days drag, as well (also that she was happy to see Grammy, of course). The toys are all played with, the books are all read, the mystery of walking is almost mastered and the allure of sitting on the couch decreases as she gets better at getting up and down by herself.

Boredom accounts for a decent amount of our expenses - not "retail therapy" but gas and snacks for a drive or adventure, or the parking fee for a walk by the river, or the temptation of cookies at Dempsey Bakery after visiting the zoo (at least we have a membership to the zoo...) Nothing big, but the little things add up (partly because they're easier to justify than larger purchases).

So I'm being driven to more creative tactics. I pulled The Artful Parent off my shelf and read the section that's relevant to Brooklyn at this age (and also got some inspiration for myself), rotated her toys, hunted up a doable recipe for gluten free play dough, made a list of what to give who for Christmas and made as much of it as possible crafty, started planning for a knitting class I'm teaching at church next month, got a few rounds done on my current design and did the preplanning for my next one, and, in general, have begun working and praying toward seeing the slowly passing moments as a blessing rather than a curse, counting breaths and counting gifts and rejoicing, even when the days are long.

When we're not actively engaged in restoration, we tend to unintentionally waste - time or money or something else. How can you seek to create instead of consuming?
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Jen @ Growing in Faith said...

Yes...those little expenses add up! And oh are they easy to justify!

But sometimes, a teeny tiny splurge makes the day extraordinary! As long as it is sometimes, and not often! ;)

Kristin said...

You have some great ideas and finding ways to be a blessing to and for your kids. God will reward you, even when things get difficult and do feel long!!

Karrilee Aggett said...

I love this! I remember well the long days of staying home when my girlie was little! This season goes so quickly... I love how intentional you are being in it, my friend! It will help you to savor them even when they are a memory and will seem oh so short in hindsight!

Rebekah Ellis said...

I just continue to be so impressed with how you're blogging through this great book and sharing all the things you've done. I love the words they use in the comments: "intentional and savor" - yes to both!

Meredith Bernard said...

This is SO great, Sara Jo!! I would love your list of chrismtas gift ideas…I’m the same exact boat! All the sameness. Having to re-organize my usual Christmas giving because it’s our first christmas without my paycheck. I’m SO interested in what you are doing. Love these thoughts today…you are not alone. xoxo

Traci Little said...

I've heard so many good things about that book. I'll have to check it out!

Love, Traci