Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Internet and Introspection {7 for 31}

This month I'm writing a new post each day about my own version of Jen Hatmaker's 7 experiment. For more posts and an introduction, head hereToday's 7 topic is spending.

So, here I sit in the local Starbucks on the third day of spending week, typing this post. We use our complex's provided internet, and they're upgrading it this week (which I'm not complaining about) but that means it's even iffier than usual, and I was driven to the nearest place with reliable wifi in order to get this up this week. It has given me some thoughts, though.

Today was Butterfly Day, a holiday I invented as a child - the second Tuesday of October marks a celebration of butterfly migration, and a proper send-off with a picnic and a hike (yes, I was an odd child - I was also blessed with a wonderful mother who has happily continued to observe my holiday for almost fifteen years).

Because of the cool weather, an utter lack of energy, and a desire to not spend unnecessary money, we stayed home this morning - although, I did have my tea in the sun on the balcony (once the sun shifted to the other side of the building, I had to come in - the shade was a bit chilly).

I felt like it was an appropriate occasion for a new dress for Brooklyn (new to her - it was gifted to us, and I think the giver snagged it at a yard sale, and a very good find it was!) and I enjoyed watching her toddle around in it looking like a Little Person all morning.

We braved the wind to walk at the park later, and I thought as we walked. Not spending isn't very hard for me - strength of will isn't something that I struggle with (other than when I misuse it, but that's another post for another day), and I'm capable of "fasting" from almost anything, especially for a definite period, without it leading to any inner change. To-spend-or-not-to-spend doesn't really benefit my habits as a whole. I think a more important practice for me is a shift in my perspective of cost and value - which may mean not spending sometimes, or it may mean spending less... or it may mean spending more, but with good cause.

I think it's a concept that bears further thought and consideration, probably some journaling, and another post. More on that tomorrow!

What's harder for you: spending wisely, or not spending at all?
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