Thursday, October 9, 2014

Care... {7 for 31}

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Care. As a noun, it has both positive and negative connotations - either anxiety, worry, and concern, or serious attention. I'm pretty sure that the cares Jesus asked us to give over to Him are the former sort... and that's definitely not the type of care that I want to have.

I'm a... passionate person by nature, and throw myself wholeheartedly into whatever I'm doing. I've embraced and relished this month's project, my competitiveness thriving on even the contest between my own enthusiasms and apathies. I'm trying to approach it with serious attention, especially since I'm condensing into 31 days what Jen spent almost a year doing.

So I had made it four days of the seven without eating out, driving through Sonic for a drink, or getting candy at the grocery store check-out. I was looking forward to lunch as soon as breakfast ended, because it meant time to pause with food for my body and refreshment for my soul. But Adam was having a bad week (poor Bear's had to work straight through the past two weekends, getting home between 5 and 10 each night, and contracting and being forced to get over a nasty bug during that time without being able to take off) so I texted him Thursday morning and asked if he wanted to meet us for lunch.

I came prepared with a snack for Brooklyn, found an inexpensive menu item that was sufficiently filling for myself, drank water, and thoroughly enjoyed the chance to see Adam in the middle of the day. Eating out is really our only chance to eat together as a family - otherwise someone's always making grown-up food while the other person is helping Brooklyn eat.

I don't want this project to cause anxiety, worry, or concern - I just want to approach life with renewed intentionality, and break some bad habits --- and spending quality time with my family is definitely something that I care (verb: to have affection for, to be concerned) deeply about.

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Hannah said...

I love how refreshing simplicity is! Thanks for the reminder.

blestbutstrest said...

I've never heard of the book/project your talking out, but it sounds intriguing. I'm so glad you got to spend some time eating with your family--those days are few and far between when you have little ones. May God guide and bless you on your journey.

ruthemarriott said...

I've had seasons of de-cluttering activity from my life. It's amazing what focus comes when we stop racing through the things we keep doing by habit!

Karrilee Aggett said...

I love this... and love that you are free to be flexible and focus on what truly matters - (and isn't that the whole point, anyway?) Love you friend!