Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Words Matter

No Ordinary Days. I wrote it golden on the corner of a dark brown corkboard that's almost completely covered with mementos and photos of the daily moments that keep our life together from being "normal" (in the best of ways). There are markers of stand-out events, like going on a five mile hike but not getting started until 9pm, our attempt at a weekend away with Brooklyn that didn't happen as planned but brought us closer anyway, you testing your iced-over-roads driving skills because there was a one-day event that I wanted to go to... but there are also relics of more common events, like board game sprees, you making dinner, Brooklyn desperately wanting to be Big Enough to participate in whatever we're doing, walks and hikes and sipping tea in the evenings...

So many pictures and snippets of paper (and other mostly-flat things). But while a picture may be worth a thousand words, the words matter, too. Prayers spoken over us and by us as we pledged our futures to each other, names signed onto the document the State of Maryland acknowledges as legally binding two people together... and then too the true, time-tested cement of the oft-spoken I love you, thank you, I'm sorry please forgive me that holds all of the memory-bricks together and keeps our life together from crumbling apart.

We capture some of the moments as a reminder that all of them are worth saving; the good ones need to be packed away for harder times, the struggles remembered as markers of how far we've come and what we've learned together - pausing to appreciate the still and the small, as well as the grand and the exciting, as one harmonious whole. And we celebrate the photographed and collected and written and verbal pauses that make our life together anything but ordinary.

For three years, we've shared a life - in some ways it feels like it should be longer, and in some ways less, as I think back on the adventures we've had together but also on the moments lost to selfishness. I hope that we'll continue to learn the sanctifying value of I'm sorry, and that I love you never grows old - and I pray that we'll grow old together, walking our path hand in hand, with our eyes and hearts open to the extraordinary moments that line every ordinary day. Happy anniversary, Bear!

Words do matter - and it's good to keep the ones that matter most to us where we can see them and be reminded. The "no ordinary days" and "love" above are made from Dayspring's new Letterpress Blocks - you'll find those here!


Lovelle at Dayspring said...

This is a great post! It's a great reminder that words and the meaning behind them are very important.

Amy W said...

I love the word picture you paint of your cork board momentos. Yes! To celebrating the not so ordinary in our days!
Enjoyable read!

Karrilee Aggett said...

Love this, friend! No Ordinary Days! Amen!