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There's a lot of shouting in our lives. Not so much that we're the ones shouting (although, that's sometimes true...) but more that everything is shouting at us. The protest of a child who doesn't think that breakfast is happening quickly enough, the emails and phone calls and deadlines of work or school, the pinging alerts of social media, the nagging of a long to-do list... each voice rises above the others in turn, competing for our attention, conspiring together to drown out the softer tones.

Sometimes it takes an involuntary fast to quiet our lives enough to listen for the whispers - trying to get away from the noise can feel like trying to get far enough away from light pollution to be able to see the Milky Way, but when the internet crashes or our phone gets dropped irredeemably into some body of water or one baby is up while everyone else is silently sleeping, we should seize the opportunity instead of resenting it.

The chance to slow down and listen for a Still, Small Voice... the whisper of a heavenly Father who loves us and desires us to bring our troubles and wishes to Him instead of adding them in ever-smaller print to our already lengthy lists. The whisper of a Savior who calls us to rest at His feet and fill our parched lives with His Living Water. The whisper of a quiet Spirit who speaks peace and comfort into our too-busy lives.

And once we've heard the quiet song that our usual cacophony drowns out, may we be inspired to step outside the Chaos more often, to add a few let's-nots to our let's-do list, and listen instead to a gentler Voice that inspires us to gentleness, patience, kindness and love, as well.


Marie Gregg said…
This is my first time at your blog (coming from FMF) and I'm glad to have found you! My hubby is going to be away this weekend and your post was a GREAT reminder to take this time and fill it up - not with chores or errands, but with Christ. With time spent at His feet. Thank you for sharing!
Rebekah Ellis said…
Girl, I am feeling in sync with you tonight as we write. Not sure if it's the IF Equip we've been going through or just the wonderful synchronicity of kindred spirits. So good to be in good company with hearts aligned!
Amy said…
Thank you for your beautiful sweet words today.
Ashley Wells said…
Yes! This:

We should seize the opportunity instead of resenting it.

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