Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Road Goes Ever On

Brooklyn began a thorough exploration of walking last week - it's magical. You can carry things and move at the same time, and sometimes she's so excited by the wonder of it that she just has to sit down for a minute. She spent an entire day mastering Going Around Corners - for a few hours, she could only go the direction that she was facing so when she came to a turn she would walk sideways. It was absolutely adorable. Unfortunately, she walks silently (when she crawls she makes a loud galloping noise with her hands on the floor) which means that she can vanish quickly and get into things before I know what she's up to.

It's also made taking her picture a bit harder - she doesn't want to be made to sit still for a picture, and if she's on her feet then she's going to be moving (unless you switch to video, in which case she will instantly sit down). We managed to get a few moments of peaceful-ish sitting over the weekend so my mom-in-law could have some pictures --- cousin Hannah sweetly looked on, wondering what all the silly wiggling and protesting was about. Just relax.

Adam was able to come with us (yay! he almost didn't get to), which meant that I had a good chunk of knitting time on the drive. I've been making more than my hoped-for daily quota on the Giant Triangle, and I'm optimistic that I can get it finished and published before the end of the month (still trying to think of a Hobbitty name for it and aiming to publish it on Bilbo's birthday - the 22nd - if possible, because that's how I am). As added motivation (not that I'm needing much - the yarn is soft and beautiful and I can't wait to wear this once it's finished!) I acquired the yarn for my next project while we were in Northwest Arkansas --- as I slog through 200+ stitch rows of garter stitch, I can admire it and look forward to winding it into balls by hand and then getting to knit [a smaller, more detailed project] with it.

This trip went much more smoothly than the last one - Brooklyn was happy for the entire drive both ways, we were able to witness a dear friend's baptism, and spent some time with both halves of our family. We were still glad to get home - she promptly pulled out all of her books and toys and just looked at the mess, delighted. My grandparents sent us home with a tiny wagon for her - she's excited to pull her blocks around in it (another bonus of walking) and I'm happy to have the mixing bowl the blocks were in before back in the kitchen where it belongs.

After she was in bed, we played Risk (the Lord of the Rings version) complete with our usual discussion on who wanted what (Well, I'd really like Rohan, but if you wanted it... No, no! You can have it. I'll go East, instead), a standing agreement to eliminate the neutral armies before attacking each other, and willingly admitting what our next move was going to be to help the other make better decisions when reallocating their forces. After making a decision that was smart strategically but not-so-much relationally that resulted in getting nearly wiped off the map (he plays emotionally - sometimes that works to my favor, sometimes it doesn't) I offered to concede rather than stay up til 2am and still lose, and he graciously declared it a draw.

It also added some motivation for my Giant Triangle, but the 22nd is only 12 days away, so I'd better get to work if I want to be finished by then, and once Brooklyn wakes up from her nap I need to work on cooking ahead for the week - hopefully those activities will produce some good photo opportunities (and possibly recipes to share :)

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