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First Things First: August/September 2014

I know people who post their goals at regular intervals, and others who write about what they learned each month... this is kind of a combination of the two. It's a monthly Sabbath of sorts, reevaluating current goals and projects in light of building God's kingdom instead of my own - and for the sake of consistency and thoroughness, I'm dividing it into three categories:


Have you ever noticed the way that our lives tend to fall into patterns - like, always getting bad news on Saturdays or the way God-moments collect on Tuesdays? Something that's been a consistent cycle in my life for at least the past 5 years is that August is terrible. That's actually something that I tend to forget from year to year and then remember about two-thirds of the way through the month, as I look back over the past few weeks and wonder why on earth everything suddenly fell apart at once.

Maybe it's a shift in my own perspective (possibly sparked by counting gifts, beginning to develop community, or a combination of factors) but while a lot happened that very much made this a typical awful August, there was also a lot of good to balance it. With Adam gone most of the month, I was able to do a lot of catching up, so I managed to get back on track with If : Equip and stay that way (we're currently in Galatians and it's lovely). I had gotten behind on handwriting each day's gifts, and jotting something in my Line-a-Day journal, and got caught up on those, as well.

I also read and journaled through Let's All Be Brave. It's going on the Read Annually shelf - while I am a naturally brave person to some extent, it's also partly an illusion... I'll take a bold leap, but only after calculating the distance to the other side and knowing that I can most likely make it. Annie challenged me to give my yes to God and then let Him place it where He wanted to, and she writes in an endearing right-there-with-you-girl way that is much more engaging than the sometimes superior attitude of someone more boldly fearless.

In addition to Let's All Be Brave, I also read Interrupted and 7, both by Jen Hatmaker. I plan to examine 7 a little more thoroughly over the course of this month, in preparation for doing a condensed and personalized version during the month of October.


I took (and posted) lots of pictures last month, and wrote lots of notes and letters. One monthly update, several thank-yous, and I've kept up a weekly-to-biweekly cycle of letters and replies with a couple of long-distance friends. I bitter-sweetly wrote my last #fmfpartysnailmail letter on Friday - I hope there's another round to follow! Creating a workspace seems to have helped motivate me to write - it's much more enjoyable in a tidy, designated area.

I did visit Loblolly Creamery with Mum, but I wasn't able to photograph it. While it's still on the list, I discovered a wonderful coffee shop in the Argenta arts district that I hope to be able to learn more about this month.

The knitting class at church has been scheduled for November, so at some point before then I'll need to get together a flyer and the necessary supplies. There's also a possibility of me being able to teach knitting to the kids and mentors at STEP, which sounds like it would be amazing.


The sky has been knit. By dint of a Jane Austen movie marathon, I made up the 52 days that I was behind, and succeeded in staying caught up through the end of the month (it really only takes a few minutes a day, when all I have to do is one round).

I made quite a bit of progress on my giant triangle (widthwise I'm over halfway - however, since it gets longer every other row, stitchwise that's more like a third) and was also able to publish two patterns: Waiting Room, a simple but engaging washcloth as my yearly free good-for-gifts-and-destashing pattern, and Zen, a yoga mat bag that I finished awhile ago but hadn't been able to photograph (I was rather pleased with the wide, comfortably padded strap that also serves as a closure).

Last month's room-readying goal was to "get furniture ready to move." That was exceeded, so not only did I empty and clear off my dresser, it was transferred to Brooklyn's room, her dresser was moved into Sprout's room, and the bookshelves that were in Sprout's room are now in our room (where they fit quite nicely). I was able to reorganize our bedroom so that we both have a nightstand of sorts, each have a laundry basket (since that's how we sort it anyway), and with the removal of my rather large dresser and a chair, it feels a lot roomier. This month we plan to switch headboards to one that is not a bookshelf (it's such a nice idea, until you try to lean up against it and then it's just awkward), find a new home for the chair that was in our living room (oh, I rearranged the living room, too...) and maybe bring my old twin bed from my parents' house. Eventually it's going in Brooklyn's room, but for now it'll go in Sprout's and I can sleep comfortably on a relatively new mattress while also not having to walk the length of our apartment in the middle of the night for a newborn.

- Stay on track with If : Equip, 1000 Gifts, and my Line-a-Day journal
- Reread 7 and plan October's posts
- Love the City, and coffee, and photography
- Keep on keepin' on with the giant knitted triangle
- Switch headboard and return armchair

How often do you stop to (prayerfully) reevaluate your goals and projects? What are your reasonable goals for this month?


Cherise L. C. said…
I think I was your last letter on #fmfpartysnailmail! I'm excited to check my mailbox this week!:)

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