Monday, August 25, 2014

The Last Minute

The waiting is almost over --- Adam is coming home tomorrow! > Insert happy-happy-joy-joy dance here < As badly as the last week dragged, the past few days have been fairly busy, trying to get everything finished so I won't have projects distracting me once he gets home (because, sweet guy that he is, he took leave through the end of the month).

I had a haircut appointment on Saturday, and rather than having to reschedule, Mum obligingly came up for the day. (A side note: I view haircuts as a necessary evil, but this time was different. The stylist was excited about how well it had grown out - if I knew what I was eating that makes my hair grow half an inch in 8 weeks, I would stop - and with what I'd done with it, and even honored my desire to not use product or blowdry it. Jamie at Swank. She's awesome.) While Mum was here, we ate lunch at Dempsey Bakery (so that she could have a delicious meal out without worrying about gluten) - Brooklyn thoroughly enjoyed every last bite of a gf/df apple spice cookie, but Mum and I went to Loblolly Creamery for gf ice cream cones as our dessert (they melted everywhere but tasted really good).

While Brooklyn napped, we moved furniture. There used to be a dresser on the wall to the left of the above picture - it's in Brooklyn's room now, and her dresser is going to be Sprout's. I'm kind of enjoying this shopping-your-home thing --- and I was pleasantly surprised by how well the shelves fit into our bedroom. I was kind of envisioning having things randomly poked in places they didn't fit into well, but the new arrangement is actually better. There's enough space between the bed and the wall to get dressed without hitting your knee on the dresser, and I think I could probably manage a yoga routine there, too, but I haven't tested that one yet - and we didn't have to move the bed any; it was already in the perfect spot.

By dint of a string of Jane Austen movies, I've also gotten completely caught up on Knit the Sky and my Line-a-Day journal, and finished transferring my 1000 Gifts list over to my journal (I'd been just typing them up for ...awhile... but there is some sort of catharsis in handwriting them that doesn't happen on a screen). I also put away all of the clean clothes that I'd been collecting on my dresser, and put together a couple more bags of donations. I think I've also smooshed all of the mosquitoes that our apartment somehow became infested with (they only showed themselves one or two at a time, so I'll kill those and then think I was safe - until I woke up the next morning with new bites).

So all of my goals for the month have been met and exceeded, and the bulk of getting Sprout's room ready is finished. There are few things left to do there, but they can be completed next month and then I get to start on the fun art-project part. And I still have my giant knitted triangle to work on - but I'll probably be working on that until it's cool enough to wear it. Adam should get home tomorrow afternoon sometime --- and I can't wait!

How do you occupy the time while you wait for something (or someone)?

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