Friday, August 29, 2014


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Reach. It can be the attainment of a goal or destination. It can be an extended invitation of community, by word or by touch. And it's always a bridge, spanning the point of where you are to where you want to be.

We often apply it tangibly - accomplishing goals, meeting deadlines, exceeding expectations - whenever it has an obvious result (a project completed, a raise earned). Building a visible bridge in the form of a bigger house, a newer car, a published manuscript, a finished masterpiece - something that speaks for itself.

But what of the intangible? How often do we reach for the stars - not from a desire to take their brightness to embellish our own glory, but as an act of worship to a glorious Creator? Why do we struggle to reach out, with both a literal open hand and with an open heart, toward those in need of comfort?

There's nothing wrong with reaching toward something we can see --- the accomplishments of our predecessors and contemporaries in literature, technology, art, business, and science provide necessary tools and inspiration for the construction of our own bridges. But stepping off the uncompleted edge, empty hands extended to accept the unknown, and trusting God to fill our hands and be the solid ground beneath our feet, is a leap of faith that I, at least, need to take more often.

What are you reaching for?


sowingseedsofgrace said...

Lovely, beautifully written post sharing what we know and need to be reminded of about reach and reaching. Thanks for the reminders of what we should be doing. Visiting from #FMF.

Connie Nice said...

I love the thought of reaching...with blind the hands of God. Thanks for sharing.

Gay Idle/Captive Heart said...

Love this..."a bridge, spanning the point of where you are to where you want to be". Beautiful words my friend.
I'm a FiveMinuteFriday sister. I wrote about reaching out with open hands today too, in response to HIs reach.