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Internet Connexions

The weekly reckoning...
731. Sitting on the balcony after Brooklyn went to bed and writing a letter
732. The sore throat I went to bed with only lasting for 24 hours
733. and the splitting sinus headache that followed (and that I whined about like a tired four year old) only lasting for six
734. The Argenta Saturday morning Farmer's Market being across the street from the bead shop I wanted to visit and having parking, so I didn't have to parallel park or walk a long way in the hot with Brooklyn
735. Having a coupon for a frozen pizza - that's a treat that Adam was pleasantly surprised by when he got home late
736. A long soak in the tub with a book and the cookie I got with lunch but forgot about until after dinner
737. Investing part of Brooklyn's birthday Toys R Us gift card in a new toy that she can play with now, and she and Sprout can play with later (as an apology for not letting her eat any of the pretty beads)
738. Church in an unconventional space while they remodel the sanctuary - the atmosphere is completely different, and it's wonderful
739. Adam pausing his packing to snuggle and watch a movie together, then putting me to bed while he finished up
740. Getting to spend a few hours with Adam before he left for a military school (after checking my oil, airing up my tire, cleaning out my car, and walking a lap around the complex with us)
741. A good trip to Fayetteville, with a pitstop at the Walmart in Clarksville (conveniently located at the precise point where Brooklyn gets tired of being in the car)
742. A deeply encouraging just-what-I-needed-to-hear #fmfpartysnailmail letter in the mailbox that I checked on our way out
743. The tire not exploding on the trip, because I found out after we got to Fayetteville that it had a nail in it
744. Getting to spend 45 minutes sitting at the Library and talking to knitters, while Brooklyn sat fairly contentedly in my lap with a packet of GoGo Squeez
745. Successful erranding with Mum - sometimes it's just more fun to not be by yourself (or by yourself with a Tiny Person who can't talk yet...)
746. Lunch with my in-laws and Brooklyn patiently and properly sitting in her highchair for almost an hour (and eating olives. She has the funniest taste...)

Several years ago, I stumbled onto this thing that is Online Community. I was at somewhat of a low point and in desperate need of community but not sure where to find it, until I was looking at patterns on Ravelry (Facebook for knitters) one day, and stumbled onto... The Harry Potter House Cup. (This is about to get really knitty and really nerdy - I apologize.) The House Cup group divided members evenly into the four houses (we each had our own forum as a "common room") and then held classes (knitting challenges were completed on a monthly basis for points - for example, Potions did Felix Felicis, the luck potion, and the assignment was to knit something small and gold-colored) had OWLs (that's exams, for non-HPers - they were comprised of large skill-building projects that took three months to complete) and played Quidditch (charity knitting wars - who can pump out the most hats for cancer patients kind-of-thing). I was in Slytherin house, and it was honestly amazing. We won the three terms that I participated, because there was a wonderful sense of community. While the Gryffindors were not that into it, the Hufflepuffs picked fights and got nicknamed "Huffypuffs," and the Ravenclaws were individually focused on winning, Slytherin was having fun. We'd help each other with ideas for class projects, vote on which picture of which actor/actress to post in our header each week, banter about sending the house elves to fetch things... we even threw a baby shower for one woman, sending our handknits and things to another Slytherin who lived in her town and delivered the gifts.

Then life got busy and I left the group, and somehow I forgot about the possibility of finding community online (probably because I assumed that that kind of connexion was a knitting thing) and focused on finding it in real life. But while I do think that a friend you can hug is important, some seasons of life don't really allow for a whole lot of face to face interaction. People have jobs... have kids... have other commitments... and community slowly slips through the cracks.

I've really loved being a part of the (in)courage community, but I didn't connect it to the level of connectedness that I had with my green-and-silver knitters until yesterday. I posted a picture of my planner for this year, and one of the co-leaders of our group commented that she thought she had that one, then the other wanted to know where we got it because she liked it, too. A discussion followed, that felt like one we would have had if we'd all been physically together, and suddenly the remembrance of how sweet online community can be swept over me. Not even bitter-sweetly, the sting of something I missed - no, this was the overwhelming realization of having found something better. Women who encourage and engage, uplift and inspire... I'm so grateful for the ladies that God has brought into my life through things like (in)courage and #fmfpartysnailmail, and while I'm glad to be a part of an online community that shares cups of tea via Instagram and has solidarity in matching planners, I look forward to meeting them in real life one day, as well!

748. Mum sweetly taking my car to get that nail-hole fixed and the tires rotated while I stayed home with Brooklyn, who doesn't wait well
749. Finally finding some denim maternity shorts that weren't poufy (some women's legs and rear get bigger - mine do not. It's genetics, and I wish I could explain that to a clothing manufacturer)
750. Gluten free sweet potato fries - yum!
751. Being here to help Mum chase off a coyote/fetch back-up while she guarded the chickens

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; His mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness! The Lord is my portion, says my soul, therefore I will trust in Him.
[Lamentations 3:22-24]

Won't you join us in counting (and recounting!) His mercies anew? Just grab a journal or notebook (it doesn't have to be fancy) and a pen and write them down, then join us each week to encourage each other by sharing all of the blessings we've spotted. Catch up on everyone's posts and if you don't have a blog, feel free to participate by commenting, instead!

Check out these #NewEveryMorning hosts, as well, and don't forget to use the hashtag on Twitter so that we can find each other:
   Kayla [at] Renown and Crowned
   Kelsey [at] Faith Fun and the Fergusons

Where is the community in your life?


Karrilee Aggett said…
Oh girlie - you know how I love me a list of gifts! And what a bonus to be included in it! (and YUM - Sweet Potato Fries!) Still hoping to order that planner soon! It's so much Beauty all squeezed together!
Rebekah Ellis said…
I am right there with K. Loving gift counting. And meditating on eucharisteo. Having online chats that truly make you feel as if you're standing elbow to elbow over all the favourite things. And now I'm looking at gluten (wheat) free, so we're going to have one more fun (I hope) thing to connect over. Yes and Amen.

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